Pronunciation of Abandon
/ɐbˈandən/, /ɐbˈandən/, /ɐ_b_ˈa_n_d_ə_n/

Antonyms for abandon:

cherish, stay, begin, defend, support, maintain, adopt, uphold, assert, remain, continue, retain.

Synonyms for abandon:

Sense 3 (noun)

Demit, move on, come away, yield, draw out, render, go away, get away.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)


abandon (noun)

empty, wildness, give up, wantonness, unconstraint, forsake, desolate, desert, vacate.

attribute (noun)

unconstraint, wantonness.

freedom (noun)


violence (noun)

violence, wildness, ferocity.

abandon (verb)

drop, leave, surrender, defect, forsake, discontinue, evacuate, abdicate, relinquish, vacate, desert, resign, quit.

cognition (verb)

give up.

disappoint (verb)

let down.

give up (verb)

give up, kiss goodbye.

leave (verb)

let off.

leave behind, relinquish (verb)

drop, leave, discontinue, let go, bow out, surrender, abdicate, vacate, yield, quit, pull out, withdraw, desert, bail out, discard, ship out, walk out on, stop, drop out, kiss goodbye.

leave in troubled state (verb)

forsake, jilt, disown, reject, renounce.

possession (verb)

give up.

reject (verb)

deny, cast aside, curtail, lop, snip, blacklist, disallow, secrete, discard, eject, deep-six, disclaim, excrete, crop, seep, disapprove, jilt, eliminate, exclude, exude, disgorge, check, cut, clip, vomit, bar, erupt, exhaust, belch, cull, excise, discharge, emit, chop, trash, shear, shed, jettison, reject, scrap, vent, junk, spew, blackball, oppugn, drain.

relinquish (verb)

disown, waive, release, forgo, capitulate, renounce.

renounce (verb)

backslide, retract, cross, betray, abnegate, disavow.

resign (verb)

accept, retire.

rid (verb)

rid, let go, cancel, relegate, dismiss, part with, dispose, dispel.

withdraw (verb)

bow out, back out of.

Sense 1

give in, move over, run off, scram, back away, chuck in, achieve, scuttle, pile out, heedlessness, yield, blow, scoot, get away, sustain, fly, skip out, grow out of, clear off, walk off, get off, balk, redline, cut down, skedaddle, come away, adjourn to, outgrow, adjourn, go back on, push off, spill, dry out, sally, move, shoot off, throw aside, swear off, break off, leave off, toddle off, go away, nick off, tear away, piss off, split, despair of, bug out, dash off, go off, pull out, clear out, move along, pack in, head off, mothball, step out, trickle, abscond, bugger off, pack up, sit out, see out, boogie, get along, buckle, move on, ship out, make off, take off, shoot through, pull up, throw up, cut out, unrestraint, slam out, draw out, extradite.

Sense 2

Demit, pass by, carelessness, thoughtlessness, enforce, surround, incontinence, fail.

Sense 3

cast away, retreat, abandonment, lay aside.

Sense 5

bail out.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 8

run out.

Sense 13


close up

shut down.




go away, move on, get away.


maroon, walk out on.




let down.


swear off.


drop an idea.

get rid of



do without.


cast off.


Demit, kiss goodbye, lay aside.


walk away.

Usage examples for abandon:

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