Pronunciation of Aboard
/ɐbˈɔːd/, /ɐbˈɔːd/, /ɐ_b_ˈɔː_d/

Synonyms for aboard:

Sense 1

preposition, delay, way, let off, place, book on, connection, first class, push on, charter, window seat, Into, Among, Onto, destined, full fare, transport, hold, reboard, busload, schedule, unload, put off, Amid, pending, Qua, unaccompanied, fare, Upon, second class, travel, route, voyage, pass through, in, Thru, eta, With, Unto, Against, Toward, From, barring, round trip, carfare, deadhead, ARR, itinerary, aisle seat, miss, call, scheduled, one-way, through, excess fare, join, ply, put on, Booking office, timetable, reclining seat, afloat, go by, by, indicator board, return, connect.

Sense 2

board, at, Of, traffic, prep, third class, failing, run.

Sense 3

bus, stop.

Other synonyms and related words:

travel, ARR, stop, pending, prep, return, in, transport, through, traffic, failing, Toward, barring, Unto, deadhead, join, place, Into, busload, Among, timetable, call, run, unload, route, itinerary, way, Of, at, by, Onto, Against, board, With, Amid, Upon, miss, bus, afloat, voyage, From, one-way, charter.

Sense 1 (noun)

Booking office, ARR, board, bus, book on, aisle seat.

Sense 2 (noun)

barring, at, Into, From, Against, Among, failing, Amid.

aboard (noun)

on base, alongside, onboard.

onboard (noun)


Usage examples for aboard:

  • They stepped aboard, and cast off the rope. - "Henry of Ofterdingen: A Romance.", Friedrich von Hardenberg.
  • He's not aboard this ship! - "Man Overboard!", F(rancis) Marion Crawford.
  • The boy brought aboard with you when you were pressed? - "The Powder Monkey", George Manville Fenn.

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