Pronunciation of Accept
/ɐksˈɛpt/, /ɐksˈɛpt/, /ɐ_k_s_ˈɛ_p_t/

Synonyms for accept:

Sense 1 (noun)

absorption, acculturate, communal, acceptance, community, assimilation, anglicize.

Sense 2 (noun)

sign up, agree to, go along with.

Sense 3 (noun)

come by, gain, derive, obtain, get together, find.

Sense 4 (noun)

embrace, take up on.

Sense 6 (noun)

answer for, speak for.

Sense 8 (noun)

co-opt, belong to, twig, comprehend, inaugurate, dig, ken, apprehend, grasp, entrance, From, conceive, see, fathom, go over to, catch, admission, follow.

Sense 10 (noun)

earn, nod, yes.

accept (noun)

consent, live with, go for, take.

agree (verb)

assent, empathize, affirm, concur, promise, conform, accede, consent, agree, contract, acquiesce, bless, endorse, approve, welcome, pledge, cooperate, sanction, capitulate, stipulate.

allow into group (verb)

admit, receive.

approve (verb)

approbate, confirm, authenticate, underwrite, permit, authorize.

believe (verb)

deem, surmise, suppose, put faith in, credit, believe, presume, understand, conclude, trust, hold, assume, give faith, take for granted, judge, gather.

believe the goodness, realness of something (verb)

approbate, affirm, go for, acknowledge, trust, recognize, approve, hold, buy, favor, fancy.

comply (verb)

cede, kowtow, knuckle under, yield, cave, bend, genuflect, respect, bow, observe, defer, adhere, succumb, obey, fulfill, comply.

consent (verb)

allow, condone, let.

obey (verb)


possession (verb)

have, take.

put up with (verb)

acquiesce, capitulate, live with, bow, bear, agree, respect, suffer, endure, tolerate, assent, stand, go along with, stomach.

receive (verb)

assimilate, eat, receive, get, absorb, ingest, pocket, acquire, devour, engorge, inspire, access, gobble, gulp, admit, inhale, take.

receive by agreeing, consenting (verb)

accede, assume, undertake, adopt, agree to, take on, comply.

receive something given physically (verb)

acquire, get, take, gain, welcome, secure, obtain.

stative (verb)


Sense 1

subscription, minority, speak for, reap, co-opt, recantation, covenant, harvest, string along, anglicize, Retractation, agree to, bag, membership, Ingression, come by, finicky, patriotic, office, fall into, throw together, toleration, secure, rejoin, scoop up, omit, jingoism, sanctioned, cop, admittance, acceptant, nab, obtain, nationalistic, nonmember, cold shoulder, answer for, socialization, integrate, live and let live, net, expatriation, eliminate, tap, coldshoulder, bludge, integration, procure, nix, derive, sign for, finical, go along with, Instate, close-minded, ethnicity, accrue, unforbearing, outcast, scrounge, abjuration, take up on, unpatriotic, open-mindedness, outsider, bow to, earn, latch onto, Palinode, identification, land, reunite, wrest, belong to, forbearing, turndown, portal, unobjectionable, Disacknowledge, get together, readmit, mooch, picky, Embracement, go over to, recruitment, intromission, sign up, acculturate, receptiveness, patriotism, opt in, instatement, ethnic, sign with, communal, reclaim, responsiveness, receptivity, patriot, flag-waving, humor, extradition, inaugural.

Sense 4

clement, merciful, apprehend, espouse, resignation, ingress, agreement, initiate, approval, initiation, amenable, conventional, orthodox, buy, withdrawal, rejection, installation, score, entrance, shoulder.

Sense 5

embrace, imbibe, grasp, conceive, reconcile.

Sense 6

admission, recall, introduction, transport.

Sense 7

favor, particular, follow, charity, soak.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 10

easy, received, see.

Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 16


Sense 19


Sense 20

keep, pass.

Sense 30



live with.


assent, consent.


take up on.


take for granted.

get by

make do.




approbate, permit.




resign oneself.

subscribe to

sign up for.



Usage examples for accept:

  • " I'll accept the will for the deed," said Wemmick. - "Great Expectations", Charles Dickens.
  • She could not be expected to accept " Picture." - "When Ghost Meets Ghost", William Frend De Morgan.
  • But you'll accept his decision? - "The Great Miss Driver", Anthony Hope.

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