Pronunciation of Accessible
/ɐksˈɛsəbə͡l/, /ɐksˈɛsəbə‍l/, /ɐ_k_s_ˈɛ_s_ə_b_əl/

Antonyms for accessible:

trackless, inaccessible, pathless.

Synonyms for accessible:

Sense 1

graphic, naturalistic, learning-disabled, evocative, seasonally, stylized, disabled, quarry, disablement, appear, hidden, paralyzed, paraplegic, learning disability, public, impediment, ataxia, lifelike, freely, traceable, handicap, handicapped, monochrome, mute, ready-made, spare, mature, operate, pre-raphaelite, stereoscopic, obvious, silk-screen, slosh around, folksy, going, signpost, artistic, seminal, paralytic, forthcoming, literary, vacant, aesthetic, lame, three-d, impaired, special education, central, campy, employable, Developmental Disability, last out, three-dimensional, welcoming, disability, spacey, quadriplegic, Challenged, impairment, folk, freehand, publicly, minimalist, wheelchair, paralysis, pictorial, untitled, dumb, collectible, painterly, the Special Olympics, Physically Challenged, special needs, operable, optional, all-day, representational, figurative, utilizable, pulp, postmodern, magisterial, color, grandiose, blind, realist, cubist, artsy-craftsy, invalid, the Paralympics, passable, location, hold out, surrealistic, ready, wait, transferable, last.

Sense 2

formal, easy, gothic, usable, Among, abstract, there, romantic, free, pure, nearby, trace, flag, placement.

Sense 3

camp, operative, practicable, popular.

Sense 4

give up, responsive.

Sense 8


Sense 9






Other synonyms and related words:

disabled, abstract, forthcoming, minimalist, affectionate, graphic, paralyzed, literary, magisterial, handy, comprehendible, collectible, lame, formal, quadriplegic, complaisant, ready to hand, publicly, neighborly, spacey, impaired, hidden, three-dimensional, impediment, obvious, folk, paralysis, employable, operable, comprehensible, painterly, signpost, stylized, easy, passable, fathomable, kindly, companionable, usable, flag, three-d, obtainable, trace, social, practicable, campy, procurable, welcoming, favorable, disablement, pure, ready, legible, camp, affable, come-at-able, hearty, operative, handicap, color, dumb, mute, realist, optional, tender, helpful, approachable, nearby, popular, possible, graspable, available, seasonally, placement, Scrutable, going, apprehensible, understandable, intelligible, get-at-able, sociable, reachable, acquirable, friendly, aesthetic, convenient, brotherly, cubist, about, vacant, getatable, free, lifelike, pulp, attainable, location, quarry, coherent, monochrome, handicapped, Among, fond, utilizable, operate, disability, artistic, cordial, artsy-craftsy, blind, spare, gothic, Challenged, all-day, freely, well-disposed, public, responsive, ataxia, penetrable, around, pictorial, amicable.

approachable (adjective)


approachable; ready for use (adjective)

exposed, available, handy, reachable, usable, attainable, practicable, possible, getatable, operative, obtainable, public, employable, open.

attainable (adjective)


open (adjective)

manifest, agape, unplugged, exposed, patent, unbolted, uncovered, open, Unclosed, bare, unimpeded, Admitting, gaping, unlocked, ajar, unstopped, uncapped, unobstructed, unbarred, yawning.

Sense 1 (noun)

going, public, vacant, spare.

Sense 2 (noun)

artistic, camp, artsy-craftsy, abstract, campy, nearby, aesthetic.

Sense 3 (noun)

location, employable, hidden, Among, give up, operable, operative, trace, signpost, possible, utilizable, usable, practicable, quarry, placement, flag.

Sense 4 (noun)

disabled, disablement, handicap, responsive, dumb, Challenged, welcoming, Developmental Disability, disability, ataxia.

accessible (noun)

comprehendible, reachable, convenient, available, get-at-able, getatable, approachable, come-at-able, comprehensible, in hand, handy, ready to hand.

approachable (noun)

obtainable, attainable, easy.

Usage examples for accessible:

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