Synonyms for account:

Sense 1

comparison-shop, empire-building, concern, transplant, paraphrase, anchor, proceedings, deposit account, budgetary, auditor, acquisition, conspicuous consumption, goodwill, marketing, debt, book value, industry, business plan, growth industry, transact, indie, consumption, resume, rescue, rationalization, brand loyalty, compete, suitor, giant, cpa, move into, empire, mutual, holding company, limited company, cottage industry, lay-by, joint-stock company, partnership, progress report, layaway, Fame, write down, establishment, enterprise, shorthand, public limited company, working capital, diversification, predator, base currency, localization, big business, beauty parade, shopping list, grow, window-shopping, Re-form, overview, chequing account, competition, expand, market leader, rundown, purchase, receivables, Ltd., procurement, CFO, loyal, capital project, accountant, globalize, offshoot, forge, Broking, position audit, run down, co, panic buying, public corporation, brokerage, land-office business, cost accounting, company, stock company, profit and loss account, cash flow, firm offer, subsidiary, accounts payable, the private sector, the biz, social enterprise, office hours, checking account, goldmine, summation, going concern, version, private company, blue-chip, bookkeeping, interpretation, wrap up, footfall, glocalization, dealership, store card, co-op, savings account, charge account, loyalty card, chain, home shopping, deskill, public company, corporation, chartered accountant, group, false accounting, management accounting, agency, certified public accountant, capital expenditure, comptroller, PTY, parent, assessor, knowledge industry, localisation, dealing, intracompany, retail therapy, freelance, light industry, monopolize, Private Practice, cannibalize, parent company, charge card, merchant account, cartel, bank account, competitor, operation, shell company, round up, caveat emptor, voice over, accounts receivable, synopsis, affiliate, public service, capital outlay, rush through, small business, custom, corp, monopolist, stocktaking, value-added, public sector, avail, order form, franchiser, globalise, handling charge, creative accounting, conglomerate, fiscal, monopoly, SME, loyalty, cooperative, Private Enterprise, tangible, full cost accounting, bean counter, niche market, distribution channel, outfit, franchisee, shopping.

Sense 2

trade, LLC, multinational, strengthen, brief, franchise, start up, interview, operate, precis, business, consummate, develop, international, usefulness, controller, corner, intelligence, liability, admiration, one-man band, office, capacity, process, alibi, delineation, worth, outline.

Sense 3

base, rationale, justification, benefit, expansion, result, utility, house.

Sense 4

open, esteem, regard, firm, close, appreciation.

Sense 5


Sense 6

profit, abstract.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 11







enumerate, gauge, multiply.









Other synonyms and related words:

capacity, answer for, indie, transact, peak, business, billhook, grudge, benefit, memorial, debate, cover, alibi, goodwill, savings account, government note, international, concern, tangible, grade, narration, tarradiddle, offshoot, loyalty, process, fib, Fame, establishment, trace, anchor, justification, predator, explanation, abstract, interview, usefulness, lay-by, written report, value-added, beak, work out, develop, consummate, corporation, localization, industry, intelligence, line, offset, public service, honor, monopolize, chain, floor, behalf, corp, group, moment, bet, proceedings, avail, profit, broadsheet, localisation, news report, magnitude, advantage, franchise, musical score, respect, storey, outfit, momentousness, nib, enterprise, bank note, worth, accountant, method of accounting, number, debtor, cause, significance, partnership, budgetary, operation, delineation, level, rundown, appreciation, see, card, expand, flyer, import, serviceableness, result, depict, neb, procurement, favor, forge, debt, key out, competition, monopoly, broadside, ground, eyeshade, esteem, discover, reputation, company, accountancy, depend, rehearsal, mileage, catalogue, identify, checking account, motive, distinguish, theme, forecast, reading, regard, mutual, corner, posting, version, window-shopping, accounting system, grievance, competitor, banknote, shopping, freelance, deem, circular, paper, merit, archives, admiration, reason, cartel, fiscal, vizor, cast, Broking, flier, summation, poster, interpretation, write up, stocktaking, importance, account for, utility, mark, throwaway, explain away, look, debit, enrolment, consequence, bank bill, accounting, rationalization, open, liability, name, sake, operate, guest, cypher, brief, overview, charge account, handbill, resume, goldmine, placard, greenback, report card, bank account, weight, weightiness, business relationship, visor, rationale, account statement, marketing, draw, footfall, acquisition, direct.

Sense 1 (noun)

synopsis, overview, round up, precis, outline, abstract.

Sense 2 (noun)

chequing account, deposit account, merchant account, savings account, checking account, bank account.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

charge account, rationale, consumption, caveat emptor, reason, acquisition, justification, conspicuous consumption, charge card, rationalization, comparison-shop, brand loyalty.

Sense 5 (noun)

anchor, big business, affiliate, the biz, base, agency, blue-chip.

Sense 6 (noun)

appreciation, beauty parade, Broking, cannibalize, admiration, business plan, respect, business, capacity, esteem, brokerage, regard, honor, favor.

Sense 7 (noun)

assessor, accounts payable, worth, accounts receivable, accountant, account for.

Sense 8 (noun)

usefulness, benefit, utility, profit, avail, advantage.

account (noun)

balance sheet, bill, general ledger, write up, explanation, calculate, budget, describe, accounting, docket, register, history, reckoning, ledger, receipts, roll, total, report, balance, journal, slate, answer for, account statement, Cashbook, asset, books, score, schedule, inventory, story, business relationship, chronicle, invoice, profit and loss, news report.

account for (noun)

answer for, justify, explain, rationalize.

basis or consideration for action (noun)

justification, rationale, ground, cause, reason, motive, regard, sake, rationalization.

calculation (noun)

assessment, determination, consideration, estimation, enumeration, arithmetic, deduction, calculus, inference, calculation, system, conclusion, triangulation, evaluation, mathematics, measurement, division, approximation, quantification, supposition, algorithm, judgement, computation, appraisal, method, statistics, valuation, multiplication, presumption, thought, algebra.

chronicle (noun)

biography, history, chronicle, record, yearbook, autobiography, daybook, memorandum, calendar, epic, archive, anecdote, Bank book, recital, book, album, newspaper, chronology, notebook, index, newsletter, memo, log, description, narrative, statement, catalog, scrapbook, diary.

communication (noun)

chronicle, history, story.

credit (noun)

credit, tab, mortgage, draft, lien, time, trust, loan.

list (noun)

detail, manifest, annual, bill, menu, list, cash book, annals, lexicon, tablet, roster, treasury, dictionary, store, tabulate, file, census, blank-book, registry, repertory, check, workbook, collection, recount, Storybook, thesaurus, pad, waybill, logbook, digest, scroll, documentation, recording, summary, table, itemization, novel.

motive (noun)


news (noun)

bulletin, report, release, epistle, announcement, rumor, notice, dispatch, flash, gossip, communication, news, message, information.

prose (noun)

myth, fable, retelling, plainness, story, prose, saga, novella, storyline, tale, serial, yarn, allegory, legend, short story, romance, episode, parable, reading matter, reminiscence, scenario, prosaicness, fiction.

purchaser (noun)


record of finances, fees, or charges (noun)

bill, tally, statement, computation, balance, books, register, check, inventory, invoice, book, record, reckoning, ledger.

report (noun)

monograph, recounting, article, treatise, portrayal, memoir, telling.

respect (noun)


serviceableness (noun)


written description of past events (noun)

chronicle, tale, tab, history, bulletin, version, story, explanation, narration, narrative, detail, score, report, recital.

account (verb)

justify, explain, rationalize, explicate, describe, clarify.

benefit (verb)


calculate (verb)

consider, calculate, enumerate, multiply, quantize, weigh, assess, infer, plot, quantify, gauge, plan, divide, guess, triangulate, determine, measure, tally, rank, compute, add, evaluate, presume, scheme, rate, surmise, figure, conclude, judge, estimate, score, appraise, count, program, suppose, sum, value, systematize, think, study, deduce, approximate, reckon.

chronicle (verb)

clock, note, minute, Journalize.

list (verb)

collect, itemize, document, summarize, audit.

possession (verb)


report (verb)

portray, state, retell, tell, narrate.

Usage examples for account:

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