Pronunciation of Act
/ˈakt/, /ˈakt/, /ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for act:


Synonyms for act:

Sense 1

contortionist, exhibition, shire, jurisdiction, curtain raiser, straight man, executive order, comic, double bill, trouper, demean, artiste, tradition, command performance, fire-eater, carry out, floor show, pretense, go about, acrobat, follow-on, the East Coast, duo, rider, headliner, drag queen, conjurer, frontier, Megan's Law, command, VJ, the Snow Belt, troupe, the Florida Keys, power of attorney, common-law, displacement activity, leaven, the Rust Belt, gender bender, requirement, statute law, matador, toreador, case law, penal code, revival, minstrel, interpreter, sa, the Freedom of Information Act, production, quote, the Wild West, play-act, matinee, Lex, right of way, longueur, marches, the Top End, stripper, Dissemblance, nt, Theatricals, the mid-Atlantic states, swan song, postscript, the judicature, debut, escapologist, doings, follow through, canton, funny man, double feature, spoiler, pyrotechnics, roman law, presentation, ventriloquist, comic relief, fly by, spectacular, invalidity, female impersonator, civil law, geisha, Veejay, behavior, sound effects, costa, statute of limitations, prohibition, subtext, the Cotton Belt, cape cod, assize, IPR, school district, pageant, comedian, colonia, double for, entertainer, highlands, commonwealth, cast, wa, the Bible Belt, legal system, premiere, curfew, raconteur, Union Territory, appearance, demonstration, northwest, the West Coast, showstopper, lay about one, civil liberties, fulfill, troubadour, stooge, impresario, subtitle, set piece, the Louisiana Purchase, star, comedienne, bylaw, flyover, staging, the Corn Belt, game, New England, east, cyberlaw, pantomime horse, dame, impersonator, the Deep South, the Sunbelt, the Midwest, platteland, one-night stand, criminal law, first night, civil rights, backstory, the Mason-Dixon Line, obey, stand up, strongman, the Old South, puppeteer, quotation, booking, Middle America, commune, lineup, parish, soliloquy, conscience clause, hypnotist, showman, get up to, reservation, scene, NSW, follow up, loophole, sequence, the Midlands, pose, formality, opening night, step, homeland, filler.

Sense 2

division, department, draw, handiwork, clause, justice, setting, show, ending, impressionist, job, enact, technicality, embellishment, COSTAR, contrivance, jurisprudence, statute, stand, provision, art, Doing, get on, artist, skit, spectacle, dead letter, understudy, fact, aside, oppose, speech, happening, prologue, amendment, multitasking, course, go on, simulation, footage.

Sense 3

interest, impersonate, law, part, L, masquerade, ad lib, bill, plot, proposition, pitch, discharge, portray, lead, tooth.

Sense 4

claim, counterfeit, display, business, disguise, sketch, simulate, credit, content.

Sense 5


Sense 6

get, support.

Sense 7

have, score.

Sense 8


Sense 14


Sense 16


Sense 20






carry out






express emotion





feign, assume, put on, play-act.

show off



make with.



Other synonyms and related words:

comprise, comedian, motion, puzzle out, take, achievement, activity, put on, leaven, contortionist, actuate, personate, characterization, part, loophole, stunt, reservation, debut, dissemble, claim, stooge, seem, playacting, answer, modus operandi, cultivate, artist, ending, symbolize, accomplishment, jurisprudence, step, passage, mo, shape, proposition, command, issue, carry out, guess, doings, cloak, coiffure, production, barnstorm, parish, impress, assume, pyrotechnics, lead, re-create, support, human action, commonwealth, constitute, diddle, execution, skit, deed, process, acting, go, scrap, forge, quotation, get along, sham, interest, coif, subprogram, profess, give, justice, spiel, dally, charade, application, plot, Dissemblance, form, gallery, show, go on, wager, crook, make out, understudy, turning, exhibition, crop, have, legislation, clause, number, artiste, bill, identification number, get, suffice, hazard, come, flyover, meet, run, go about, title, staging, jurisdiction, conjurer, prompt, marches, contrivance, soliloquy, east, backstory, influence, simulate, canton, handiwork, facade, act as, enactment, emote, presentation, masquerade, telephone number, movement, costa, interpret, appearance, tradition, impersonator, operation, turn of events, represent, shire, content, division, curfew, playact, troupe, portray, tour, air, stripper, arrange, practise, roleplay, work on, feign, pretend, behavior, personation, COSTAR, discharge, encounter, phone number, set, flirt, do work, strike, solve, make for, prologue, spot, northwest, treat, bring, filler, work out, subtext, spoiler, numeral, dress, correspond, flake, troubadour, showstopper, fleck, overact, knead, morsel, Lex, oppose, bend, dame, portrayal, acquit, demonstration, job, coiffe, piece, art, revival, scene, guise, stand for, Doing, draw, spell, figure, bet, carry oneself, action, assize, stage, headliner, sour, thing, pageant, display, star, demean, second, technicality, impressionist, chip, serve, measure, simulation, propel, reciprocate, sketch, wreak, stand, statute, counterfeit, commune, transaction, pose, procedure, put to work, fact, enact, trifle, happening, play-act, law, fiddle, performance, turn, ferment, routine, colonia, formality, affect, bout, human activity, bit, longueur, twist, act upon, minute, obey, make up, fare, defend, mold, postscript, setting, comedienne, interact, feat, booking, symbolise, aside, matinee, recreate, take on, subtitle, pretense, bite, moment, course, constitution, acrobat, Theatricals, carry, travel, mask, proceeding, displace, good turn, lick, disguise, exemplify, be, bylaw, exertion, amendment, impersonate, mould, department, act up, highlands, incite, typify, make a motion, cast, comic, manage, bear, consummation, map, toy, round, figure out, locomote, ordinance, prohibition, subroutine, showman.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

artist, statute, bill, comedienne, comedian, clause, law, ordinance, conjurer, artiste, amendment, acrobat, comic, cast.

Sense 3 (noun)

commonwealth, the Corn Belt, commune, colonia, canton, costa, scene, prologue, the Cotton Belt, the Bible Belt, cape cod.

Sense 4 (noun)

appearance, course, skit, sketch, demonstration, activity.

Sense 5 (noun)

pretense, civil rights, claim, pose, bylaw, civil liberties, case law, civil law.

Sense 6 (noun)

thing, comic relief, aside, content, ad lib, backstory, contrivance.

Sense 7 (noun)

debut, display, draw, curtain raiser, legislation, Lex, command performance, double bill, double feature, assize, booking, measure.

Sense 9 (noun)

carry out, go about, simulation, acting, show, Dissemblance, take, masquerade, disguise.

Sense 11 (noun)

star, double for, enact, overact, understudy, COSTAR, portray.

Sense 12 (noun)

get, interact.

act (noun)

dissemble, DO, human action, play, number, move, routine, turn, represent, enactment, bit, behave, pretend, human activity.

action (noun)


act up (noun)

execution, achievement, action, sketch, bill, ordinance, feat, deed, routine, performance, Dissemblance, turn, statute, sham, enterprise, accomplishment, skit, step, law, operation, measure, move, Doing, counterfeit, exploit, show.

command (noun)


communication (noun)


legislative document (noun)

ordinance, enactment, law, measure, amendment, statute, bill, clause.

motion (noun)


part of a performance (noun)

number, sketch, show, bit, spot, routine, prologue, turn, piece, scene.

pretended behavior (noun)

pretense, simulation, sham, stunt, pose.

something done (noun)

action, thing, performance, accomplishment, achievement, execution, feat, deed, Doing, operation, move, exploit, step.

act (verb)

conduct, perform, endeavor, labor, operate, enterprise, exercise, comport, transact, function, appear, officiate, move, behave, work, react, perpetrate, execute.

appear (verb)

carry oneself.

behave (verb)

deport, practice, proceed.

behave in a certain way (verb)

comport, conduct, perform, carry, react, strike, take on, carry oneself, enact, appear, behave, seem.

cause (verb)

effect, produce, elicit, induce, engender, motivate, cause, inspire, force, make, bring about, originate, generate, enforce, engineer, drive, provoke, give rise to, evoke.

creation (verb)

play, represent.

do something (verb)

go about, maneuver, execute, work out, serve, operate, officiate, labor, pursue, practice, DO, perpetrate, enforce, undertake, carry out, function.

dramatize (verb)

characterize, dramatize, pantomime, burlesque, mime, present, play, improvise, choreograph.

endeavor (verb)

attempt, commit, engage, assay, exploit, undertake, venture, volunteer, contract, aim, approach, maneuver.

entertain by playing a role (verb)

feign, impersonate, dramatize, star, represent, personate, mime, go on, pretend, portray, stooge, play, characterize, simulate, burlesque, emote.

social (verb)


venture (verb)

initiate, campaign, pursue, scheme.

work (verb)


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