Antonyms for activity:

idleness, inertia, inactivity, inaction.

Synonyms for activity:

Sense 1 (noun)

demonstration, thing, course, move.

Sense 2 (noun)

binge, crowd pleaser, enjoyment, escapism, blast, amusement, change, delight.

action (noun)

endeavor, conduct, behavior, movement, enterprise, exercise, practice, labor, action, performance, deed, play, effort, operation, motion.

activity (noun)

bodily process, action, bodily function, animation, body process, agility, business, energy, natural action, activeness, stirring, liveliness, natural process, kinetics.

energy (noun)

power, verve, might, stamina, force, effervescence, strength, drive, zip, fervor, zeal, vivacity, vim, zing, fire, vigor, puissance, pep, spirit, spark, spunk, potency, snap.

enthusiasm (noun)


exertion (noun)

onerousness, toil, exertion, strenuousness.

feeling (noun)


life (noun)


motion (noun)

mobility, passage, locomotion, motility, transition, flux, procession.

special interest or pursuit (noun)

job, endeavor, deed, task, occupation, pastime, work, project, act, undertaking, game, venture, hobby, trip, scheme.

state of being active (noun)

enterprise, exercise, motion, movement, action, labor, animation, exertion, liveliness, activeness.

vigor (noun)

eagerness, earnestness, enthusiasm, gusto, Ardency, lustiness, sprightliness, industriousness, agitation, friskiness, relish, fervency, exuberance, passion, excitement, zest.

Sense 1

game, speed, amusement, social life, follow through, doings, demonstration, love, follow up, luxury, follow-on, therapy, spree, experience, leisure, recreation, goodies, binge, escapism, satisfaction, displacement activity, joy, department, formality, fetish, step, leadership, tradition, crowd pleaser, pleasure, hobby, change, indulgence.

Sense 2

blast, handiwork, thrill, trip, enjoyment, move, turn, tonic, feeling, measure, revelation, multitasking, art, treat, retirement, course, work, delight.

Sense 3

pitch, thing.

Sense 4




Usage examples for activity:

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