Synonyms for added:

Sense 1


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Other synonyms and related words:

further, farther, new, else, adscititious, superimposed, fresh, more, side, Inserted, supplemental, other, intercalary, overtime, another, value-added, supplementary, accessorial.

additional (adjective)

fresh, overtime, new, further.

attached (adjective)

related, attached, joined, married, bound, augmented, Hitched, extended, accompanied, subscripted, connected, Annexed, Spliced, affixed, additional, extra, Suffixed, Prefixed, merged, embellished.

inserted (adjective)


supplementary (adjective)


various (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

fresh, new.

added (noun)

further, another, value-added, extra, supplemental, supplementary, else, more, accessorial, adscititious, intercalary, additional, side, superimposed, other.

accompanied (verb)

attached, attended, Supplemented, Seconded, affixed, accompanied, Chaperoned, accessorized, Escorted, garnished, adorned.

acquired (verb)

Bagged, heaped, Bought, Claimed, secured, Harvested, won, Gotten, received, Caught, Got, Captured, Garnered, Reaped, Fetched, Lured, Took, Incurred, assumed, Obtained, Wrangled, Procured, cornered, landed, taken, Palmed, netted, Pocketed, Retrieved, collected, Purchased, amassed.

added (verb)

accumulated, acquired, incremented, Aggregated, accrued, attained, increased.

calculated (verb)

Triangulated, programmed, Reckoned, estimated, Tallied, Approximated, quantized, presumed, Rated, valued, quantified, Computed, multiplied, Enumerated, plotted, Inferred, Counted, totaled, Assessed, Scored, considered, measured, divided, Deduced, Weighed, Guessed, supposed, Summed, concluded, Appraised, rationalized, evaluated, ranked, calculated, systematized, figured, scheduled, thought, planned, Judged, determined, Surmised, studied, Accounted, Gauged, Schemed.

increased (verb)

reinforced, upgraded, lengthened, magnified, enlarged, elevated, Boosted, grown, burgeoned, Widened, expanded, Amplified, Grew, maximized, advanced, inflated, Heightened, Broadened, raised, fattened.

Usage examples for added:

  • I don't think, Septimius," added she, looking up in his face and smiling, " that ever a girl had just such a young man for a lover." - "Septimius Felton or, The Elixir of Life", Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • " Listen to me, then," added the king. - "NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER", L. Muhlbach.
  • " And Shawn," gently added Mrs. Alden. - "Shawn of Skarrow", James Tandy Ellis.

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