Pronunciation of Affront
/ɐfɹˈʌnt/, /ɐfɹˈʌnt/, /ɐ_f_ɹ_ˈʌ_n_t/

Synonyms for affront:

Sense 1

bombshell, thunderbolt, jibe, disoblige, trauma, outrage, scandal, appal, awakening, snub, slight, kicker, appall, travesty, eye opener, spit at.

Sense 2

surprise, nuisance, pique, zinger, shocker, jolt, fling, indecency, indignity.

Sense 3

offense, revelation, affair.

Sense 4

first, shock, despite.

Sense 5




Other synonyms and related words:

cut, annoy, gird, blow, sarcasm, offend, disoblige, anger, jibe, insult, vilification, offense, dishonor, contumely, exasperate, nuisance, scandal, epithet, indignity, tease, provoke, revilement, diss, displease, abuse, dig, vex, barb, pique, slap, dart, kicker, despite, aggravate, shocker, trauma, awakening, revelation, shock, slur, irritate, wound, snub, appal, wrong, outrage, slight, jolt, zinger, brickbat.

Sense 1 (noun)

blow, shock, revelation, surprise, scandal, zinger.

Sense 2 (noun)

outrage, appal, snub, pique.

act (noun)


affront (noun)


an insult (noun)

slur, outrage, slap, wrong, slight, offense, abuse, brickbat, indignity.

defiance (noun)

insubordination, audacity, rebelliousness, boldness, recalcitrance, insurgency, dissension, counteraction, resistance, obstinacy, confrontation, temerity, insolence, dissent, contravention, defiance, attack, stubbornness.

insult (noun)

indignity, offense.

offense (noun)


communication (verb)

insult, diss.

defy (verb)

challenge, cross, dare, rebel, resist, confront, counter, counteract, countermand, face, defy, contravene.

insult or involve in entanglement (verb)

confront, provoke, put down, vex, displease, face, offend, anger, annoy, pique.

Usage examples for affront:

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