Pronunciation of Aft
/ˈaft/, /ˈaft/, /ˈa_f_t/

Antonyms for aft:

frontal, front, anterior, forward, fore.

Synonyms for aft:

Sense 1

fin, landing gear, bulwark, conning tower, flap, wardroom, berth, quarterdeck, capstan, underbelly, fo'c'sle, sickbay, turret, gunwale, thwart, amidships, mizzen, jib, gunnel, overhead locker, avionics, oakum, cowling, figurehead, gangplank, ramp, altimeter, paddle, aerofoil, airfoil, crow's nest, muster station, ejection seat, hawser, jet engine, gangway, cockpit, prow, bowsprit, fender, propeller, rudder, sheet, overhead compartment, porthole, cleat, gondola, steerage, chassis, escape hatch, spinnaker, stowage, AWACS, outrigger, flight data recorder, undercarriage, canopy, waterline, saloon, galley, tiller, keel, forecastle, bilge, helm, bow, wheelhouse, thruster, brig, oarlock, tailplane, nose, sun deck, starboard, topside, lanyard, beam, aileron, hydrofoil, mainsail, spar, promenade deck, rotor blade, fuselage, bulkhead, sail, flight recorder.

Sense 2

deck, boom, bay, mast, hull, masthead, cabin, flight deck, rigging, skid, port, black box, waist, joystick.

Sense 3

catapult, funnel, bridge, blade, wing, superstructure.

Sense 4


Sense 6


Sense 9


Other synonyms and related words:

catapult, back, outrigger, gangplank, bilge, amidships, avionics, berth, jib, bridge, aileron, nose, fin, rearward, skid, prow, hull, bay, chassis, aftermost, figurehead, bowsprit, paddle, helm, boom, blade, rigging, undercarriage, cabin, porthole, tail, astern, keel, bulwark, turret, rear, oarlock, rudder, starboard, brig, masthead, altimeter, wing, topside, after, stern, abaft, underbelly, cleat, gondola, cockpit, AWACS, flap, mizzen, posterior, mast, bow, beam.

back (adjective)


end (adjective)


rear (adjective)

back, mizzen.

rearward (adjective)

abaft, back.

Sense 1 (noun)

beam, boom, bilge, bay, bowsprit, blade, bow, amidships, berth.

abaft (noun)

back, rearward.

back (noun)


Usage examples for aft:

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