Antonyms for alienated:

loved, oriented.

Synonyms for alienated:

Sense 1

forlorn, shut off, unconnected, friendless, bereft, stray, adrift, lonesome.

Sense 2

abandoned, desolate.



Other synonyms and related words:

adrift, anomic, desolate, confused, homesick, friendless, unloved, lonesome, lost, unoriented, disoriented, shut off, forlorn.

all (adjective)

anomic, disoriented.

estranged (adjective)

alone, disaffected.

secluded (adjective)

Excluded, outcast, boycott, Banished, Deported, hermitic, blacklisted, Extradited, Blackballed, secluded, Exiled, cordoned, solitary, misanthropic, alone, antisocial, confined, anonymous, segregated, isolated, Excommunicated, maverick, detached, sequestered, lonely, xenophobic, aloof, Extirpated, Eliminated, Expatriated, Disbarred, cloistered, Ostracized, separated, closeted, reclusive, Ejected.

separate (adjective)

autonomous, individual, fragmentary, unrelated, independent, disaffiliated, disjoint, disassembled, disconnected, Disintegrated, distinct, severed, Sundered, separate, unaffiliated, unglued, detached, dissociated.

Sense 1 (noun)

adrift, friendless, abandoned, lonesome, forlorn.

alienated (noun)

disoriented, unloved, anomic, unoriented, estranged.

alienated (verb)

divided, separated, pushed away, divorced, disunited, Distanced, disaffected, estranged.

dissociated (verb)

dismantled, partitioned, disconnected, Insulated, dissociated, fragmented, Disengaged, severed, broken, detached, Disassociated, Halved, Excised, cleaved, disjoined, cleft, ruptured, Sundered, rent, broke, parted, segregated, split, uncoupled.

secluded (verb)

rejected, Expelled, Ousted, Screened, removed, Boycotted, Evicted.

separated (verb)

incised, cut, unhinged, Bisected, unfixed, dissected, Pared, Amputated, sliced, ripped, axed.

Usage examples for alienated:

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