Pronunciation of Alloy
/ˈalɔ͡ɪ/, /ˈalɔ‍ɪ/, /ˈa_l_ɔɪ/

Synonyms for alloy:

Sense 1

base metal, precious metal.

Other synonyms and related words:

misdirect, adulterate, profane, pervert, corrupt, subvert, deprave, demoralise, debauch, mixing, metal, stretch, debase, synthesis, debasement, depreciate, dilute, Conflation, vitiate, adulteration, load, demoralize, deterioration, metallic element.

Sense 1 (noun)

base metal, precious metal.

alloy (noun)

metal, steel, white metal, sterling silver, debase, pewter, stainless steel, carbon steel, wrought iron, pig iron, chrome, brass, permalloy, bronze, admixture.

combination (noun)

brew, assembly, blend, incorporation, combination, mix, conglomerate, composition, amalgam, concoction, conglomeration, commixture, hodgepodge, medley, admixture, mixture, fusion, paste, ensemble, composite, compound, infusion, amalgamation.

mixture (noun)

hybrid, stew, amalgamate, potpourri, decoction, merger, blending, emulsion, meld, Interfusion, intermixture, mongrel, mash, elixir.

mixture, usually of two metals (noun)

amalgamation, amalgam, composite, adulteration, fusion, compound, admixture, hybrid, combination, debasement, intermixture, blend.

substance (noun)


adulterate (verb)


change (verb)


mix metals (verb)

mix, amalgamate.

Usage examples for alloy:

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