Antonyms for amalgamation:

ingredient, element, component, constituent.

Synonyms for amalgamation:

Sense 1

linkup, farm out, demerger, trading partner, sleeping partner, silent partner, go in with, buy out, Demerge, combine, amalgamate, vertical integration, BROS, merge, duopoly, limited partner, contract out, joint venture.

Sense 2

partner, tie up, cohesion, stable, swallow up, gobble up, friendly.

Sense 3


Sense 7


Other synonyms and related words:

friendly, synthesis, conjugation, partnership, cohesion, Conflation, uniting, tie up, coherence, combine, demerger, Demerge, intermixture, amalgamate, emulsion, meld, interest, consolidation, merge, BROS, unification.

Sense 1 (noun)

contract out, demerger, amalgamate, Demerge, BROS, combine, buy out.

Sense 2 (noun)


act (noun)

merger, uniting.

alloy (noun)


amalgamation (noun)

merger, uniting.

augmentation (noun)

annex, swelling, inflation, augmentation, increase, adjunct, addendum, enlargement, extension, addition, appendix.

cohesion (noun)


combination (noun)

concoction, admixture, conglomerate, conglomeration, blend, compound, assembly, composite, brew, amalgam, fusion, mixture, ensemble, medley, incorporation, infusion, commixture, paste, mix, combination, hodgepodge, composition, alloy.

integration (noun)

integration, union.

junction (noun)

relationship, adjacency, annexation, connectedness, alliance, adherence, meeting, marriage, junction, consolidation, abutment, coupling, wedding, affixation, affiliation, jointure, connection, juxtaposition, conjunction, juncture, splice, merger, bond, branch, attachment, synergy.

mixture (noun)

commixture, consolidation, blend, intermixture, admixture, merger, uniting, fusion, union, mix, amalgam, combination.

unification (noun)


Usage examples for amalgamation:

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