Pronunciation of Angelic
/and͡ʒˈɛlɪk/, /and‍ʒˈɛlɪk/, /a_n_dʒ_ˈɛ_l_ɪ_k/

Antonyms for angelic:

demonic, evil, devilish, Fiendish, bad, hateful.

Synonyms for angelic:

Sense 1

scholasticism, penance, visionary, mission, damnation, holy war, blaspheme, devotion, polytheism, incarnation, damned, prophetic, pantheism, scholastic, heresy, teaching, religious, seraph, orthodoxy, uncorrupted, angel, blasphemous, ecstasy, perdition, religion, archangel, mysticism, spirituality, piety, kabbalah, blessing, prophetess, mystery, creed, absolution, the Last Judgment, vocation, sacred, revelation, article of faith, monotheism, God-given, fundamentalism, visitation, vision, cult, persuasion, bless, judgment day, mammon, theism, sectarian, reincarnation, theology, blasphemy, religiosity, miracle, predestination, mystical, taboo, sin, faith, transmigration, cleanse, rebirth.

Sense 2

lily-white, righteous, unstained, grace, spirit, soul, prophet.





Other synonyms and related words:

sectarian, mellifluous, mammon, archangel, sweet-scented, theism, religion, dulcet, mystery, incorporeal, picture-perfect, gratifying, spirituality, elegant, bless, odorous, honeyed, odoriferous, transmigration, good, ethereal, lovable, persuasion, blasphemy, saintlike, mellisonant, blaspheme, mission, devotion, predestination, pantheism, visionary, sweet-smelling, splendid, damned, beatific, exquisite, orthodoxy, taboo, seraphical, glorious, entrancing, breathtaking, piety, sugared, blasphemous, lily-white, sacred, majestic, sublime, loveable, teaching, angel, mysticism, unstained, monotheism, seraph, ravishing, sweetened, penance, saintly, stunning, righteous, vocation, sweet, scented, prophetess, absolution, revelation, religious, soul, perfumed, gorgeous, sainted, reincarnation, uncorrupted, beautiful, blessing, beauteous, unfermented, ineffable, holy, fresh, angelical.

all (adjective)

saintly, beatific, sainted, saintlike, angelical.

angelic (adjective)

seraphic, cherubic, divine, heavenly, celestial.

beautiful (adjective)

fair, elegant, beauteous, ravishing, idyllic, breathtaking, sublime, picturesque, splendid, majestic, splendiferous, scenic, well-formed, entrancing, picture-perfect, fairytale, ineffable, gorgeous, drop-dead gorgeous, ethereal, exquisite, beautiful, stunning, wondrous, glorious.

heavenly (adjective)


innocent (adjective)

unspotted, untarnished, virginal, angelical, uncorrupted, blameless, guiltless, untainted, unsophisticated, naive, pure-hearted, unblemished, white, innocent, chaste, childlike, spotless, lily-white, snowy, innocuous.

pure (adjective)

faultless, unblemished, untainted, basic, essential, untarnished, chaste, fundamental, plain, undefiled, primal, elemental, bare, indivisible, formative, honorable, aboriginal, unadorned, undiluted, uncluttered, pure, austere, clean, spotless, basal, simple, clear, decent, blameless, elementary, virtuous, prime, foundational, atomic, stark, immaculate, purebred, sinless, white, irreducible, unsullied, innocent, monolithic, stainless, Simon-pure, nascent, guiltless, unadulterated, unalloyed, primary.

sweet, kind, and usually beautiful (adjective)

entrancing, good, holy, ethereal, celestial, beatific, seraphic, saintly, divine, innocent, heavenly, virtuous, righteous, pure, cherubic.

Sense 1 (noun)

archangel, blasphemous, blessing, bless, blaspheme, angel, article of faith, absolution, blasphemy.

Sense 2 (noun)

uncorrupted, lily-white, unstained.

angelic (noun)

good, sainted, beatific, sweet, angelical, cherubic, lovable, saintlike, seraphic, saintly, loveable.

saintly (noun)

ethereal, righteous, beautiful, holy.

Usage examples for angelic:

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