Synonyms for anguished:

Sense 1

saddle sore, footsore, agonised.

Other synonyms and related words:

lamentable, aching, hagridden, plangent, funeral, Bewailing, grieving, Deploring, Dolesome, lugubrious, weeping, sorrowful, sorry, footsore, doleful, regretful.

all (adjective)

tortured, tormented.

dejected (adjective)

morose, dreary, plaintive, joyless, heartbroken, disheartened, lachrymose, sullen, pensive, dolorous, miserable, glum, despondent, wistful, melancholy, anxious, sad, woeful, dispirited, despairing, discouraged, mournful, dejected, gloomy, grim, blue, depressed, overcome, disconsolate, contemplative, moody, downhearted.

discontent (adjective)

non-satisfied, frustrated, despondent, uncomfortable, sour, dissatisfied, uneasy, irritated, anxious, exasperated, unhappy, malcontent, disgruntled, joyless, ungratified, bored, gloomy, miserable, dissident, discontent, disquieted, teed off, disapproving, irreconcilable, restless, cheerless, discomposed, ticked off, displeased, cross, wretched, fed up.

grief-stricken (adjective)

distressed, heartbroken, melancholy, depressed, morose, despairing, miserable, overcome, unhappy, cheerless, dejected.

hopeless (adjective)

cheerless, despairing, despondent, bleak, dismal, dejected, gloomy, discouraged, glum, hopeless, depressed, desperate, downhearted, dispirited, disheartened, forlorn, miserable, morose, melancholy, pessimistic, spiritless.

miserable (adjective)

forlorn, hopeless, tormented, dolorous, mournful, hurt, tortured, doleful, gloomy, disconsolate, pained, wretched, Racked, afflicted, despondent, sorrowful, sad, agonized.

mournful (adjective)

woeful, lamentable, grieving.

pained (adjective)


tragic (adjective)


troubled (adjective)

irritated, displeased.

uncomfortable (adjective)

chafed, restless, disquieted, uneasy, aching, discomposed.

uneasy (adjective)


woeful (adjective)

sorry, plaintive.

Sense 1 (noun)

saddle sore, footsore, agonised.

anguished (noun)

tortured, tormented, sorrowful.

pained (verb)

irritated, afflicted, agonized, cramped, Smarted, Ached, Discomforted, tormented, Wrenched, inflamed, tortured, hurt, stitched, Throbbed, distressed, Racked, pained, stung, Suffered, chafed.

punished (verb)

fined, reprised, corrected, lambasted, penalized, Pilloried, avenged, imprisoned, chastised, Crucified, chastened, Castigated, Keelhauled, Judged, burdened, disciplined, punished, Sentenced, executed, persecuted, tried, confined, Incarcerated.

Usage examples for anguished:

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