Pronunciation of Approximate
/ɐpɹˈɒksɪmət/, /ɐpɹˈɒksɪmət/, /ɐ_p_ɹ_ˈɒ_k_s_ɪ_m_ə_t/

Antonyms for approximate:

precise, accurate, exact, distant.

Synonyms for approximate:

Sense 1

off-beam, erroneous, untrue, CIRCA, homogenize, even up, questionable, more or less, approximately, imprecision, equate, uninformed, nominally, arguable, faulty, match, nominal, accord with, inaccuracy, equal, hark back to, border on, wrongly, APPROX, roughly, counterbalance, even out, remind of, match-up, blur, equalize, converge, amount to.

Sense 2

bear, anywhere, sweeping, distantly, conform, fit in, intersect, correspond, skewed, parallel, somewhere, coincide, something, alike.

Sense 3

Anything, generalized, odd, overlap, false, wrong, agree, broadly.

Sense 4

put, border, wild, verge, wide, top, touch.

Sense 5

fit, approach, liberal.

Sense 6


Sense 13


Sense 14



tally, sum.


come close.


rude, round.




remind of.

Other synonyms and related words:

wrongly, anywhere, approximative, good, pronounce, come close, like, dear, border, rasping, close, rocky, top, grating, wide, label, opine, arguable, close together, imagine, near, misgauge, equate, broadly, roughly, round, match, loose, jolting, approximately, homogenize, touch, crude, match-up, ballpark, approach, uninformed, border on, questionable, false, relative, erroneous, gravelly, try, nigh, raspy, penny-pinching, generalized, set, venture, almost, liberal, parallel, wrong, harsh, comparative, Anything, faulty, pretend, forecast, fierce, inaccuracy, alike, rival, adjudicate, fit, boisterous, rough, uncut, correspond, rude, put, bear, CIRCA, nominally, pugnacious, cheeseparing, sweeping, verge.

all (adjective)

near, approximative, rough.

almost accurate, exact (adjective)

comparative, near, almost, relative, rough, close.

calculational (adjective)

calculational, judgmental, geometric, arithmetic, statistical, suppositional, mathematical, computational, rational, valuational, methodical, Systematical, numerical, algebraic, proportional, algorithmic.

equal (adjective)


imprecise (adjective)

incorrect, imprecise, inaccurate, inexact.

inexact (adjective)

loose, imprecise.

near (adjective)

close together.

representative (adjective)

illustrative, replica, portrayed, representative, analogous, Aping, cartoon, copy, model, miniature, metaphorical, outline, imitation, graphic, pastiche, facsimile, Rendered.

rough (adjective)

more or less, comparative, relative.

similar (adjective)

analogous, alike, like.

Sense 1 (noun)

match, parallel, coincide, amount to, accord with, correspond.

Sense 4 (noun)


approximate (noun)

rough, come close, estimate, near, close, gauge, judge, ballpark, close together, approximative, inexact, guess.

calculate (verb)

schedule, program, appraise, deduce, measure, enumerate, infer, surmise, consider, sum, guess, figure, systematize, conclude, judge, value, study, think, quantify, reckon, score, rank, total, count, account, plot, rationalize, gauge, estimate, scheme, rate, calculate, triangulate, tally, add, determine, evaluate, plan, presume, assess, compute, quantize, weigh, suppose, divide, multiply.

come close (verb)

touch, border on, resemble, approach, estimate.

represent (verb)

cast, illustrate, ape, represent, portray, silhouette, simulate, depict, render, imitate, duplicate, replicate, photograph.

resemble (verb)

mirror, look like, mimic, resemble.

stative (verb)

come close.

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