Pronunciation of Arch
/ˈɑːt͡ʃ/, /ˈɑːt‍ʃ/, /ˈɑː_tʃ/

Antonyms for arch:

unskilled, inferior, unplayful.

Synonyms for arch:

Sense 1

middle finger, ledge, cantilever, Im-, limb, lintel, mullion, Aero-, window pane, ankle, pane, molding, Mal-, fist, elbow, NANO-, viaduct, portico, Haemo-, aqueduct, scrunch, jamb, doorknocker, Indo-, doorjamb, finger, index finger, fingertip, turnstile, porch, Multi-, a-, doorway, forearm, e-, Hyper-, suspension bridge, doorknob, Omni-, wrist, forefinger, thumb, hall, threshold, little finger, fingernail, nameplate, sash, Trans-, thigh, calf, instep, Tri-, spyhole, toenail, doorbell, tollgate, Intra-, shin, doorpost, con-, ball, digit, groin, Astro-, knuckle, Di-, heel, pediment, transom, doorstep, Hemo-, windowsill, Poly-, palm, door, Anglo-, Uni-, Meta-, hallway, hinge, femto-, underarm, gatepost, grille, toe, footbridge, rent-a-, wicket gate, knocker, peg leg, Mis-, appendage, lychgate, mouth, Demi-, patri-, peephole, gate, Milli-, pinkie, mitt, sill, doorstop, foot, window frame, window ledge, doorplate, big toe, toll bridge, ring finger, gatehouse.

Sense 2

shank, paw, letterbox, knob, sole, gateway, portal, the quick, clubfoot, stoop, crutch, extremity, member, pier, thumbnail, armpit, Glazing, woodwork, knee, grating.

Sense 3

shoulder, leg, pit, ramp, nail, way, entry, panel, frame.

Sense 4

arm, entrance, access, hand.

Sense 5

bridge, handle, boom, pad.

Sense 15


Sense 16



semicircle, arc.













all (adjective)

patronizing, condescending, patronising.

disrespectful (adjective)


knowing, coy (adjective)

saucy, mischievous, roguish, waggish, sly.

principal, superior (adjective)

leading, main, top, preeminent, first, chief, premier, master, greatest, head, primary, foremost.

wicked (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

gate, access, gateway, gatehouse, entry, gatepost, entrance, hall.

Sense 2 (noun)

appendage, arm, ankle, waggish, armpit, clubfoot, roguish, ball, big toe, saucy, calf.

Sense 3 (noun)

bridge, angle, pier, cantilever, boom, footbridge, aqueduct, turn.

Sense 4 (noun)

doorbell, doorjamb, door, stoop, doorknob, doorstep, doorstop, doorknocker, doorplate, scrunch, doorpost.

arch (noun)

head, boss, of import, skilled, condescending, patronising, archway, patronizing, arc, top, chief, superior, important, curve.

curvature (noun)

curvature, bend, bow, roundedness, parabola.

curve (noun)

curve, circle, sinus, horseshoe, crook, meniscus, crescent, spiral.

curve, curved structure (noun)

semicircle, curvature, archway, arc, bend, bow.

main (noun)

principal, main.

curve (verb)

hook, bridge, sweep, round, hang, sag, camber, swerve.

Usage examples for arch:

  • Behold The arch- enchanter's wand! - "Paul and the Printing Press", Sara Ware Bassett.
  • " Ah," cried the child, with an arch smile, " I know what it was! - "NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER", L. Muhlbach.
  • The committee of reception came forth from the shade of the beech and ranged themselves underneath the arch. - "The Nameless Castle", Maurus Jókai.

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