Pronunciation of Arm
/ˈɑːm/, /ˈɑːm/, /ˈɑː_m/

Antonyms for arm:


Synonyms for arm:

Sense 1

shirtsleeves, thigh, elbow, big toe, bib, flies, haunch, High Chair, security, armchair, hind, stool, rocking chair, swivel chair, furnish, dorsal, ball, udder, hr, tailpiece, armorer, cuff, shell, cape, calf, little finger, snout, fingernail, fist, ottoman, protrusion, howdah, settee, ring finger, scoop neck, heel, upholstery, nerve center, neckline, ankle, muzzle, Human Resources, underarm, holder, thumb, palm, hock, trigger-happy, patch pocket, davenport, secretariat, hemline, acquisitions, weaponize, help desk, wing chair, detonation, finger, anatomical, rearm, hump, unarmed, lapel, forefinger, overhang, shin, middle finger, womb, bodice, personnel, seat pitch, back office, breast pocket, crew neck, armrest, loveseat, estuary, toe, armhole, wrist, sale, chaise, flipper, sofa, bony, seating, shirtfront, rocker, paw, pinkie, departmental, peg leg, genitals, commode, mailroom, protuberance, hindquarters, digit, forefoot, index finger, brace, pew, customer services, groin, Inseam, press office, divisional, trotter, antler, food chain, mitt, prepare, sac, brandish, tray table, coattails, quill, backrest, shoulder pad, shoulder, interdepartmental, chesterfield, grommet, waistband, shirttail, shank, chaise longue, knuckle, teat, sedan chair, toenail, easy chair, crank, facing, wing collar, care label, gusset, fingertip, hip pocket, instep, handle, turtleneck, inside leg, foreleg, stirrup, tentacle, carapace, three-piece suite, chaise lounge, sheathe, cloven hoof.

Sense 2

clubfoot, window seat, capsule, ladder, extremity, claw, deploy, throne, dart, studio, pouch, buttonhole, shoulder strap, proboscis, divan, horn, set off, rump, v neck, armpit, neck, underbelly, couch, spine, sole, thumbnail, member, prime, litter, hem, crutch, the quick, waistline, level at, stay, armament, tuck, ridge, arch, duel, knee, defuse, skirt, blowhole.

Sense 3

fork, tail, anatomy, department, turn up, hood, belly, nail, armed, pit, prickle, appendage, strap, stalk, vent, flank, side split, spark, waist, explosion, trunk, chair, throat, arms.

Sense 4

flap, hand, tip, agency, loose, fringe, delivery, panel, let off, projection, foot.

Sense 5

draw, pad, patch, seat, collar, shoot, organ, train, pocket.

Sense 6

fly, plant, wing.

Sense 7

tab, extension.

Sense 8


Sense 12


Sense 14



branch, bough.


work up.





Sense 1 (noun)

departmental, divisional, forearm, acquisitions, appendage, back office, desk, customer services, member.

Sense 2 (noun)

projection, handle, bough, wing.

Sense 4 (noun)

arch, firearm, big toe, ball, gun, calf, clubfoot, ankle, arms, armpit.

Sense 6 (noun)

armrest, fork, chaise, chair, chaise lounge, chaise longue, chesterfield, armchair, backrest, back.

Sense 7 (noun)

flap, ridge, protuberance, extension, snout, overhang, protrusion, point.

Sense 8 (noun)

armed, defuse, duel, agency, deploy, brandish, armament, detonation, organ, draw, armorer.

arm (noun)

build up, gird, limb, subdivision, branch, weapon, fortify, weapon system, sleeve.

artifact (noun)

limb, branch.

department (noun)


deputy (noun)

attorney, assistant, figurehead, representative, alternate, deputy, second, backup, spokesman, substitute, emissary, appointee, envoy, auxiliary, nominee, lieutenant, servant, double, helpmate, stand in, surrogate, ghost, acolyte, token, attendant, proxy, understudy, spokeswoman, dummy, delegate, helper, mouthpiece, assignee, agent, aide.

limb (noun)


limb, appendage (noun)

branch, projection, offshoot, bough, wing, flipper, member, handle.

narrow body of water (noun)

creek, subdivision, estuary, fjord, inlet, firth.

support (noun)


competition (verb)

build up, fortify, gird.

deputize (verb)

deputize, assign, appoint, nominate.

equip with weapon or power (verb)

fortify, prime, prepare, appoint, strengthen, furnish, heel, gird.

Usage examples for arm:

  • Here, take my arm, Margaret. - "Betty Wales Freshman", Edith K. Dunton.
  • Cushner gripped Stirling's arm. - "The Ice Pilot", Henry Leverage.
  • Francis felt a touch upon his arm and looked around. - "The Evil Shepherd", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

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