Pronunciation of Armor
/ˈɑːmə/, /ˈɑːmə/, /ˈɑː_m_ə/

Synonyms for armor:

material (adjective)


Sense 1

long Johns, roof box, muffler, integument, tailgate, windshield wiper, mob cap, running board, bull bar, whisker, windscreen wiper, whalebone, girdle, wing mirror, roof rack, swaddling clothes, license plate, wheelbase, Humvee, frock coat, bumper, bulldozer, dander, mane, hair-shirt, smoking jacket, crinoline, registration plate, windscreen, hose, chain mail, bustle, windshield, bloomers, exhaust pipe, bonnet, P-plates, tailboard, doublet, mudflap, transport plane, mudguard, silencer, traction engine, knickerbockers, luggage rack, codpiece, bobby socks, hair, forklift, hackles, axle, bodywork, ruff, personnel carrier, beard, wiper, number plate, sideview mirror, dewlap, gas cap, towbar, toga, sunroof, launcher, keratin, exoskeleton, registration number, roll bar, tunic, petrol tank, tailpipe, troop carrier, offside, pith helmet, forelock, cherry picker, transporter.

Sense 2

grille, fin, boot, chassis, sill, snowblower, fender, rear end, nightcap, wool, pelt, steamroller.

Sense 3

fluff, roof, ivory, fur, window, camouflage, coat, gown, tank, horn, spoiler.

Sense 4

mantle, trunk, shaft, hood, skin, exhaust.

Sense 5

panel, tag, brush.

Sense 8

body, track.

Sense 9


Sense 13


Other synonyms and related words:

covering, pod, ward, skin, doublet, exoskeleton, coat, fender, chain mail, brush, fin, bumper, mane, encasement, launcher, tunic, windshield, track, integument, hackles, axle, boot, down, bustle, codpiece, spoiler, panel, body, hose, ruff, cocoon, armour, forelock, crinoline, aegis, muffler, beard, housing, dewlap, camouflage, mail, bloomers, fur, wing, forklift, Humvee, harness, bulldozer, offside, tailboard, roof, mantle, buckler, chassis, arms, bodywork, silencer, panoply, dander, fluff, bonnet, jacket, window, ammunition.

Sense 1 (noun)

crinoline, doublet, codpiece, bobby socks, bloomers, chain mail, covering, bustle.

Sense 2 (noun)

bumper, chassis, bonnet, bull bar, axle, bodywork, boot, body.

Sense 3 (noun)

personnel carrier, Humvee, forklift, launcher, cherry picker, bulldozer.

Sense 4 (noun)

dewlap, down, coat, exoskeleton, beard, camouflage, dander, brush.

animal (noun)


armor (noun)


artifact (noun)


covering (noun)


defense (noun)

defense, wall, backfire, shield, return, guard, barrier, screen, stronghold, answer, reply, support, shelter, safeguard, rebuttal, argument, fortress, resistance, counterattack, protection, aversion, cover, harbor, countermeasure, buffer, retort, barricade, security, moat, response.

protective covering, often made of metal (noun)

security, sheath, plate, shield, defense, mail, protection, guard.

shell (noun)

casing, sheath, plate, crust, Lorication, carapace, case, hull, shell, husk, sheathing.

possession (verb)


Usage examples for armor:

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