Synonyms for arrangement:

Sense 1

fantasia, deployment, give and take, requiem, polka dot, septet, network, oratorio, octet, fanfare, string quartet, pinstripe, dance, RAGA, packing, articulation, duet, grouping, interlude, variation, paisley, unison, Crosshatching, fugue, watermark, starburst, opus, coloration, peal, arabesque, echelon, quintet, rosette, rotary, Patterning, trio, argyle, tartan, regulation, stripe, track, syntax, whorl, scherzo, tone poem, decision, sunburst, nocturne, hierarchy, adjustment, lattice, wedding march, medley, crisscross, sextet, tracery, rhapsody, cantata, test pattern, request, adaptation, test card, intermezzo, categorization, device, classification, distribution, Remix.

Sense 2

column, graduated, theme, swirl, largo, marking, duo, geometry, prelude, demo, intricacy, solo, march, appointment, andante, chronology, rag, mosaic, groove, chant, display, grid, ripple, end, lineup, mashup, adagio, rhythm, mix, herringbone, allegro, rework.

Sense 3

disposal, bass, assembly, accommodation, motif, grain, patchwork, voluntary, piece, study, forte, setting, medium.

Sense 4

patch, presentation, trace, mass, provision.

Sense 5

record, compromise, number.

Sense 6

cut, matrix.

Sense 8


Sense 9












make up




Other synonyms and related words:

distribution, marking, cartel, parade, conformation, cut, brass, allegro, arabesque, texture, network, tracery, lineup, system of rules, policy, mass, indenture, duet, variation, oratorio, rework, medium, seating, alignment, geometry, setting, ground plan, display, form, governance, swirl, deployment, prelude, locating, categorization, trio, column, musical arrangement, strategy, articulation, opus, accommodation, sight, septet, nocturne, argyle, grain, Ordonnance, intermezzo, Patterning, cantata, medley, demo, rhythm, echelon, disposal, provision, syntax, sunburst, andante, collection, rotary, rhapsody, presentation, pinstripe, master plan, march, classification, sextet, regulation, program, number, give and take, assembly, bass, transfer, crisscross, constellation, appointment, string quartet, adjustment, decision, exhibition, indentation, unison, setup, requiem, quintet, tartan, emplacement, compromise, hierarchy, coloration, interlude, Setout, format, grid, forte, positioning, transcription, largo, track, list, correspondence, motif, study, ordering, device, piece, show, chronology, arranging, adaptation, regimentation, recording, grouping, place, result, chant, organisation, fantasia, adagio, pattern, getup, project, establishment, herringbone, bargain, lay, paisley, theme, check.

Sense 1 (noun)

ordering, classification, grouping.

Sense 2 (noun)

andante, bass, chant, adagio, form, cantata, allegro.

Sense 3 (noun)

adjustment, compromise.

Sense 4 (noun)

argyle, arabesque, column, coloration, articulation, pattern, check, chronology.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

deployment, disposal, lineup, categorization, distribution.

Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)


Sense 9 (noun)

give and take, accommodation, medium.

agreement (noun)

capitulation, pledge, accord, agreement, bond, deal, treaty, accordance, stipulation, concord, concordance, pact, understanding, contract, acquiescence, accession, empathy, unanimity, indenture, consent, promise, compact, acceptance, concurrence, assent, settlement, consensus, covenant.

alignment (noun)


an understanding (noun)

compromise, compact, agreement, adjustment, organization, game plan, plan, setup, preparation, settlement, deal, provision, layout.

arrangement (noun)

musical arrangement, organisation, placement, agreement, system, organization, arranging.

categorization (noun)


cognition (noun)


composition (noun)

cantata, rhapsody, song, music, symphony, concerto.

concurrence (noun)


course of action (noun)


indenture (noun)


line (noun)

line, queue.

method (noun)


music (noun)

composition, concert, melody, symphony, blues, air, lyric, sonata, carol, harmony, psalm, instrumental, jazz, ditty, song, tune, ballet, chorus, concerto, bebop, quartet, syncopation, hymn, serenade, lullaby, music, ballad, vocalization, score, aria.

musical adaptation (noun)

chart, score.

order (noun)

normalcy, efficiency, uniformity, normality, system, stability, steadiness, symmetry, order, organization, method, regularity, consistency, balance.

places (noun)


plan (noun)

contrivance, idea, aim, invention, coordination, premeditation, chart, conception, expectation, plot, intention, scheme, proposition, anticipation, design, plan, blueprint.

preparation (noun)

drafting, development, mobilization, fostering, equipment, preparation, fabrication, formulation.

promise (noun)

guarantee, oath, vow, assurance, mutual agreement, obligation, engagement.

sequence (noun)

line, array, train, course, legacy, gamut, linkage, thread, sequence, series, progression, queue, string, rank, succession, chain, procession, Consecution, subsequence, link, Consecutiveness, sequel, lineage, consequence, concatenation.

situation (noun)

formation, modality, spot, site, ambience, mode, status, placement, style, configuration, property, layout, disposition, station, state, environment, position, standing, condition, post, situation, location, aspect, circumstance, quality, scene.

something that has been ordered (noun)

rank, classification, grouping, disposition, ordering, distribution, form, composition, design, sequence, array, alignment, structure, system, pattern, lineup, method, display.

structure (noun)

construction, building, texture, edifice, structure, makeup, shape, skeleton, fabric, frame, constitution, framework, architecture, anatomy.

texture (noun)


order (verb)


roll (verb)


Usage examples for arrangement:

  • No. I have no part in this arrangement. - "The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance", Harriet Martineau.
  • This was the final arrangement, and soon after luncheon they drove away to town. - "What Two Children Did", Charlotte E. Chittenden.

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