Synonyms for aspiration:

Sense 1

mettle, hiatus, perseverance, staying power, dynamism, stressed, assonance, idealism, uvular, syllable, stress mark, silent, vocalic, palatal, phonemics, intonation, fricative, phonetics, perversity, IPA, schwa, Labiodental, persistence, alveolar, phonetic, unvoiced, consonant, sibilant, open vowel, plosive, phoneme, voiced, primary accent, moxie, secondary accent, vigor, stamina, phonology, bilabial, liquid, semivowel, vowel, aspirate, the law of the jungle, devoice, labiovelar, voiceless, primary stress, closed syllable, tenacity, unstressed, close vowel, retroflex, calling, grapheme, elision, diphthong, glottal, glottal stop, backbone, affricate.

Sense 2

grit, energy, fix on, labial, megalomania, tone.

Sense 3

nasal, resolve, mute, will, stress, phonic, fight.

Sense 4

direction, commitment, stop, ideal, resolution, short.

Sense 5

front, push.

Sense 6

long, weak, spirit.

Sense 8


Sense 11


Other synonyms and related words:

labial, palatal, consonant, affricate, backbone, vigor, stirring, aspirate, IPA, bilabial, determination, idea, thing, mark, hankering, idealism, vocalic, stop, push, endeavor, fight, perseverance, alveolar, devoice, inhalation, inclination, hiatus, persistence, intent, glottal, dream, rivalry, ingestion, mute, dreaming, plosive, stressed, inspiration, phoneme, Labiodental, call, phonetic, tone, intonation, retroflex, inhalant, plan, resolve, calling, semivowel, resolution, voiceless, design, perversity, emulation, assonance, direction, drive, breathing in, competition, syllable, commitment, labiovelar, pretension, purpose, point, want, grapheme, object, brainchild, ideal, diphthong, liquid, sibilant, elision, vowel, will, ambitiousness, end, pipe dream, nasal, weak, unstressed, tendency.

Sense 2 (noun)

assonance, consonant, alveolar, aspirate, close vowel, affricate, closed syllable, bilabial, emulation.

Sense 3 (noun)

energy, perseverance, dynamism, will, resolve, ideal, drive.

aspiration (noun)

inhalation, inspiration, breathing in, ambition, dream.

desire (noun)


goal, hope (noun)

dream, object, ambition, vocation, inclination, direction, aim, eagerness, wish, push, hankering, pursuit, objective, endeavor, desire, yearning, ambitiousness.

hope (noun)

eagerness, optimism, contemplation, yearning, anticipation, faith, hope, wish, presumption, sureness, confidence, desire, expectation.

pursuit (noun)

lodestar, ambition, destination, objective, mission, pursuit, search, vocation, target, profession, undertaking, intention, goal, aim, life work, quest.

Usage examples for aspiration:

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