Pronunciation of Asset
/ˈasɛt/, /ˈasɛt/, /ˈa_s_ɛ_t/

Antonyms for asset:

liability, disadvantage.

Synonyms for asset:

Sense 1

booty, trappings, boon, pickings, monopolize, capital expenditure, cannibalize, inside track, book, privilege, restorative, virtue, comforter, Broking, mileage, reassurance, jackpot, office hours, globalize, competition, run down, belongings, incentive, intracompany, goods and chattels, golden goose, appurtenance, perk, stocktaking, head start, goodwill, empire-building, intangible asset, healer, comfort, secret weapon, liquid assets, intellectual assets, crown jewels, cachet, forge, bells and whistles, capital project, capital outlay, drawing card, fringe benefit, side benefit, bonus, capital asset, upside, debt, move into, grow, chattel, bounty, bridgehead, glocalization, consolation, expand, hand, charm, transact, freelance, fixed asset, bargaining position, valuables, localization, compete, dealing, distribution channel, rescue, rush through, springboard, beauty parade, spoils, edge, transplant, enticement, status symbol, showpiece, diversification, deskill, localisation, Re-form, business plan, globalise, brokerage.

Sense 2

capacity, consummate, booster, expense, enterprise, gift, goods, payoff, lost property, strengthen, blessing, merit, develop, office, cutting-edge, acquisition, trump card, enchantment, corner, beneficiary, operate, reward, seduction, process, business.

Sense 3

wherewithal, glory, expansion, ornament, distinction, trade, positive.

Sense 4

gain, open, boost, close, see, card, resource, possession.

Sense 5

touch, effect, interest.

Sense 6

service, stuff.

Sense 7


Sense 11


Sense 15


Other synonyms and related words:

bounty, mileage, healer, bonus, enterprise, localisation, effect, blessing, resource, glory, Broking, booty, benefit, ornament, process, consummate, spoils, acquisition, mean, plus, freelance, upside, goodwill, emissary, addition, spook, corner, enticement, gift, card, develop, monopolize, expand, open, service, appurtenance, help, trappings, valuables, boon, mole, jackpot, Intelligencer, seduction, perk, booster, possession, forge, belongings, pickings, spy, advantage, transact, stocktaking, summation, gain, book, merit, comfort, wherewithal, competition, good, reassurance, interest, debt, comforter, consolation, virtue, localization, stuff, thing, goods, distinction, agent, boost, operate, capacity, aid.

Sense 1 (noun)

incentive, privilege, edge, resource, wherewithal, trump card, mean, merit, virtue, good.

Sense 2 (noun)

fixed asset, goods, belongings, possession, appurtenance, valuables, stuff.

account (noun)

profit and loss, register, schedule, docket, ledger, roll, journal, books, inventory, receipts, account, invoice, reckoning, slate, total, general ledger, balance, budget, Cashbook, balance sheet.

advantage (noun)

boon, distinction, aid, blessing, service, benefit, resource, help.

asset (noun)


attribute (noun)


wealth (noun)

fortune, riches, income, sufficiency, wealth, possessions, prosperity, landslide, plenty, prosperousness, capital, net worth, plenteousness, affluence, property, worth, estate, profit, opulence.

benefit (verb)


Usage examples for asset:

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