Synonyms for assignment:

Sense 1

forfeiture, nameless, blind trust, naming ceremony, justifiable homicide, plain, judicial restraint, nullity, cancel, syllabus, coursework, transferal, contributory negligence, tort, liability, unnamed, namesake, assign, surety, nee, titular, admeasurement, notarized, term paper, department, work placement, delegation, judicial activism, reversion, said, classification, injury, remedy, initial, distribution, bail, writ, delinquency, master class, eminent domain.

Sense 2

privilege, junior, task, competence, attest, transfer, seminar, stint, graduation, chore, senior, discovery, restraint, clinic, duty, cancellation, tour.

Sense 3

tutorial, alienate, satisfaction, under, paper, principal, post, placement, module, cost, conveyance.

Sense 4

office, cause.

Sense 5

alienation, draft, Of.

Sense 6


Sense 7

stick, after.

Sense 9






Other synonyms and related words:

cancellation, coursework, alienate, notarized, duty assignment, principal, tour, fitting, delegation, deputation, liability, bail, detail, appointee, said, chore, hypothesis, identification, delinquency, designation, clinic, unit, attest, surety, directions, distribution, nameless, reversion, lesson, admeasurement, assign, office, conveyance, paper, president grant, operation, graduation, reading, appellative, department, date, subsidisation, stint, concession, assigning, cancel, namesake, satisfaction, cost, denomination, restraint, module, subsidization, draft, post, transfer, alienation, cause, task, transferal, legation, placement, nullity, appointment, duty, charge, naming, junior, engagement, mission, appellation, classification, grant.

Sense 1 (noun)

attest, cancel, assign, cancellation, bail, blind trust, alienate, cause.

Sense 2 (noun)

task, duty.

Sense 3 (noun)

coursework, master class, graduation, module, clinic, distribution, admeasurement, paper, placement.

Sense 5 (noun)

chore, office, stint.

Sense 6 (noun)

alienation, transfer, transferal, conveyance.

act (noun)

duty assignment.

allotment (noun)

chunk, division, share, segment, allotment, lot, part, portion, measure, budget, ration, parcel, slice, proportion, stake, quantum, quota, percentage, allowance, stipend, apportionment, allocation, piece, partition, dispensation, split.

appointment (noun)

station, distribution.

assignment (noun)

assigning, designation, duty assignment, grant, naming, appointment.

attribution (noun)

imputation, accreditation, credit, mark, attachment, citation, blame, attribution, ascription, application, acknowledgement.

business (noun)

company, livelihood, labor, activity, retailing, barter, position, trade, consortium, corporation, employment, enterprise, commerce, industry, busy work, occupation, posting, exchange, career, negotiation, partnership, market, management, merchant, holding, concern, station, situation, job, specialty, commission, establishment, vocation, profession, service, calling, selling, interest, practice, business, transaction, affair, proprietorship, venture, firm.

categorization (noun)


delegation (noun)


instructions (noun)


lesson (noun)


responsibility, task (noun)

practice, appointment, post, stint, duty, position, mission, job, commission, chore, charge.

selecting or setting apart (noun)

allotment, distribution, ascription, attribution, allocation, apportionment, grant, delegation, designation.

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