Synonyms for authentication:

Sense 1

OCR, default, logout, computer graphics, open-source, MPEG, data compression, pass, data processing, sort, connectivity, deletion, nlp, ABEND, word processing, delivery, capture, parallel processing, data mining, migration, disk compression, Pasting, crash, job, voiceprint identification, Computer Aided Manufacturing, artificial intelligence, systems analysis, screen dump, technical support, direct access, compression, cloud computing, background processing, decompression, rollback, telepresence, task management, queue, messaging, speech synthesis, Computer Aided Design, login, HIT, retrieval, cad, manipulation, text processing, start up, OMR, information processing, batch processing, protocol, sequential access, direct connection, Texturing, housekeeping, ai, voice recognition, dithering, installation, access time, beta test, functionality, timeout, interrogation, computer modeling, cam, error interrupt, error recovery, data capture, lockdown, character recognition, dump, error detection, speech recognition, A-D conversion, remote access, language engineering, function, copy protection, random access, burn-in, RTF, restoration, computing, virtual reality, search, message code authentication, wraparound, fuzzy search, logon, authoring, fuzzy logic, It, execution, download, lock, dp, batch, upgrade, keystroke, multitasking, keyword, EDC, alpha test.

Sense 2

testimonial, testament.

Other synonyms and related words:

pass, assay-mark, computing, upgrade, cam, ABEND, trademark, earmark, Pasting, protocol, credential, search, download, authoring, attestation, migration, delivery, interrogation, job, cad, ai, stylemark, batch, credentials, installation, retrieval, decompression, testament, wraparound, testimonial, It, capture, hallmark, function, certificate.

Sense 1 (noun)

authoring, ABEND, background processing, access time, batch, A-D conversion, ai, artificial intelligence, testimonial, testament, alpha test.

act (noun)


approval (noun)

endorsement, ratification, approbation, assent, affirmation, confirmation, approval, consent, Underwriting, acceptance, permission, sanction.

authentication (noun)

hallmark, assay-mark, certification.

authorization (noun)

enfranchisement, certification, authorization, blessing, empowerment, agreement, notarization, warrant, license, entitlement, validation, designation, commission.

certificate (noun)

documentation, certification.

confirmation (noun)

validation, testimony, proof, attestation, substantiation, verification, certification, evidence, testimonial, testament, corroboration.

evidence (noun)

observation, proof, establishment, documentation, connotation, demonstration, manifestation, attestation, determination, data, statement, support, declaration, testimony, counter-evidence, quotation, substantiation, exhibit, information, corroboration, specimen, evidence, deposition, exemplification, fact, indication, illustration.

validation (noun)

verification, authority.

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