Antonyms for awaken:

turn in, cause to sleep.

Synonyms for awaken:

Sense 1 (noun)

have, affect, touch, inspire.

Sense 2 (noun)

get up.

awaken (noun)

arouse, come alive, rouse, waken, wake up, wake, awake.

body (verb)

rouse, wake up, wake, arouse, waken.

Sense 1

knock up, lash, engender, instill, still, rend, stoke, resonate, rekindle, revive, whip up, give back.

Sense 2

churn up, infect, generate, swamp, inspire, quicken.

Sense 3

spread, overwhelm, do to, sting.

Sense 4

restore, affect, get up, send.

Sense 7

leave, hold.

Sense 8


Sense 10


Other synonyms and related words:

spread, conjure, energize, bestir, call down, stimulate, infect, move, affect, enkindle, energise, drive out, send, brace, knock up, excite, invoke, stoke, evoke, have, ignite, arouse, elicit, kindle, provoke, put forward, charge, sting, perk up, generate, conjure up, commove, heat, inflame, call forth, rekindle, awake, revive, reawaken, quicken, fire, force out, bring up, fire up, stir, still, inspire, charge up, stir up, whip up, lash, agitate, instill, raise, touch, engender.

Usage examples for awaken:

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