Synonyms for babble:

Sense 1

footstep, peep, twang, whirr, yack, pitter-patter, spout, mumble, sizzle, rustling, philosophize, bumble, rake over, trill, run on, whir, spiel, yak, pit-a-pat, squelch, drone on, ramble on, bang on, growl, putter, equivocate, blatherskite, fizz, rattle on, hold forth, babel, talk away, waffle, jangle, yap, thrum, meander, whoosh, rave, moan.

Sense 2

footfall, keep on, fizzle, grate, rustle, wind, ramble, twitter, hiccup, jingle, racket, sputter, splash, groan, cough, gibberish, sigh, sneeze, jabberwocky, ding.

Sense 3

drone, rasp, roar, gas, rattle, scrape, tread, run off, click, jaw, whisper.

Sense 4

jargon, cluck, puff, throb, slur, sound, knock.

Sense 5

crunch, grunt, step.

Sense 7

stamp, pad.

Sense 8

buzz, blow.

Sense 9

scratch, go on.


blurt out, go on, run on, peach.




small talk.





Other synonyms and related words:

ruffle, sing, lallation, slobber, rustling, bumble, gas, blab, whistle, yak, belch, play around, twitter, gibber, riffle, splash, mumbo jumbo, guggle, Double Dutch, blurt, mouth, growl, blatherskite, gabble, rustle, philosophize, chat, gossip, jangle, pad, babel, spill the beans, sputter, rattle, sigh, smatter, ramble on, small talk, whisper, jabberwocky, jaw, mumble, roar, sound, racket, gibberish, talk away, yack, blurt out, let the cat out of the bag, jargon, twaddle, equivocate, rattle on, verbalize, chaffer, throb, knock, gurgle, blether, verbalise, rave, go on, whirr, bubble, twang, burble, uproar, dabble, spill, tittle-tattle, babbling, rasp, piffle, pitter-patter, yap, abracadabra, slur, crunch, cackle, groan, spout, prate, stamp, murmur, wind, blabber, blow, fizzle, meander, babble out, waffle, maunder, palaver, grunt, footfall, blab out, whir, blither, ripple, buzz, tread, burp, scratch, trill, pit-a-pat, clack, spiel, ramble, peach.

Sense 1 (noun)

bumble, slur, waffle, sputter, equivocate, mumble.

Sense 3 (noun)

spiel, growl, putter, jaw, gas, yak, cluck, moan, groan, run on, go on, grunt, fizz, drone, rattle.

Sense 4 (noun)

buzz, blow, cough, grate, crunch, ding, click.

Sense 5 (noun)

footfall, hiccup, babel, pad, footstep.

Sense 6 (noun)

fizzle, peep, pitter-patter, pit-a-pat.

babble (noun)

blab out, smatter, blether, burble, talk, blab, babble out, ripple, blither, babbling, guggle, gurgle, blather, lallation, peach, tattle, bubble, sing.

communication (noun)

lallation, babbling.

empty talk (noun)


gibberish (noun)


trivial talk, often incessant (noun)

chatter, gabble, gossip, drivel, gibberish, jargon, murmur, jabber, burble, gab, prattle.

unmeaningness (noun)

unmeaningness, nonsense, double talk, noise, meaninglessness, cipher, drivel, gobbledygook, hogwash, absurdity, senselessness, blather, jabber.

speak (verb)

discuss, tattle, lecture, prattle, vocalize, debate, chatter, speak, orate, chitchat, preach, recite, gab, remark, say, voice, patter, talk.

talk trivially, often incessantly (verb)

cackle, gibber, go on, spill the beans, run on, blurt, blab, tattle, rave, prate, chat, yak, patter, mumble.

Usage examples for babble:

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