Antonyms for babel:

quietude, hush, stillness.

Synonyms for babel:

Sense 1


Sense 2

hiccup, rumpus, racket, hubbub, gabble, confusion, footfall, din, tumult, pandemonium, sneeze.

Sense 3

hullabaloo, clamor, tread.

Sense 4

puff, gurgle, uproar.

Sense 5

babble, step.

Tower of Babel

tower of babel.



Other synonyms and related words:

clangor, noise, cacophony, katzenjammer, brawl, clamor, din, footfall, scrum, confusion, tread, uproar, footstep, hubbub, hullabaloo, tumult, racket, blare, Bowwow, pandemonium, bluster, babble, discordance, chatter, hiccup, roar, decibel, rattle, gurgle, bruit, rumpus, gabble, circus.

Sense 1 (noun)

footstep, babble, gabble, hullabaloo, din, footfall, hubbub, gurgle, clamor, noise, uproar, hiccup, pandemonium, tumult, racket, rumpus.

artifact (noun)

tower of babel.

babel (noun)

tower of babel.

confusion (noun)

hubbub, racket, hullabaloo, pandemonium, tumult, din.

Usage examples for babel:

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