Baby's Breath

Synonyms for baby's breath:

Gypsophila paniculata

Gypsophila Paniculata.

Sense 1

chamomile, lobelia, bird of paradise, nasturtium, heliotrope, hop, plantain, gentian, Impatiens, vetch, pampas grass, tiger lily, lily of the valley, calla lily, ragwort, thistle, fern, freesia, evening primrose, scarlet pimpernel, mallow, marguerite, teasel, cyclamen, polyanthus, ling, snowdrop, pimpernel, passionflower, marshmallow, alfalfa, delphinium, camomile, mum, bougainvillea.

Sense 2

pink, hemlock.

Other synonyms and related words:

Gypsophila Paniculata, babies'-breath.

Sense 1 (noun)

alfalfa, bird of paradise, bougainvillea.

baby's breath (noun)

Gypsophila Paniculata, babies'-breath.

flower (noun)

hyacinth, dahlia, jonquil, clematis, flax, violet, Queen Anne's Lace, jasmine, lavender, primrose, acacia, fuchsia, rose, iris, verbena, spirea, Sweet William, poppy, mayflower, pansy, orchid, cowslip, Black-Eyed Susan, periwinkle, hawthorn, phlox, hibiscus, snowball, forget-me-not, ranunculus, hydrangea, edelweiss, honeysuckle, oleander, poinsettia, trillium, dandelion, African Violet, sunflower, camellia, narcissus, foxglove, larkspur, tulip, daffodil, magnolia, foxtail, buttercup, rhododendron, wallflower, hollyhock, dogwood, indigo, amaryllis, snowberry, chrysanthemum, geranium, carnation, cornflower, smilax, fleur-de-lis, bluebell, snapdragon, hepatica, lady's slipper, marigold, begonia, flower, crocus, viburnum, bloodroot, columbine, daisy, peony, strawflower, zinnia, petunia, lotus, azalea, goldenrod, laurel, yucca, morning glory, aster, mimosa, rosemary, wisteria, heather, duckweed, gladiolus, gardenia, water lily, anemone, lilac, lily, lupine, sweet pea.

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