Pronunciation of Background
/bˈakɡɹa͡ʊnd/, /bˈakɡɹa‍ʊnd/, /b_ˈa_k_ɡ_ɹ_aʊ_n_d/

Antonyms for background:

highlight, spotlight, foreground, play up.

Synonyms for background:

Sense 1

magnum opus, probation, the status quo, class struggle, working practices, noblesse oblige, portfolio working, stratification, period piece, populist, event, vacancy, milieu, objet d'art, state of play, classism, hot desking, state of affairs, hierarchical, education, professional development, metier, melting pot, climate, incumbency, order book, pix, creation, bourgeois, extenuating circumstances, scenario, palimpsest, situation, occupational, class-conscious, fine art, eventuality, masterwork, job security, work experience, work of art, pros and cons, back catalog, occasion, writing, career, job description, snob, meritocracy, irony, opportunity, egalitarian, beneath, workload, off-site, dimension, livelihood, encounter, job-sharing, landscaping, oeuvre, chef-d'oeuvre, working life, condition, division of labor, masterpiece, classless, the bourgeoisie.

Sense 2

dynamic, assemblage, sustenance, trickle down, gig, locus, matter, deal, contingency, tenure, life history, ability, imagery, genteel, feature, seedbed, composition, birth, distance, artwork, taste, circumstances, pluralism, affair, employment, slot, beginning, delegation, profession, position, stage, kaleidoscope, stratified, preparation, estate, record, pressure, collaboration.

Sense 3

socially, equation, opus, job, appointment, start out, canon, development, OP, water, hierarchy, image.

Sense 4

labor, matrix, load, art, professionally, opening, go, society, thing, world, front.

Sense 5

piece, way, proposition, professional, trade.

Sense 6

case, work, history, function, picture.

Sense 7

order, term, business, class.

Sense 13


Sense 15




Other synonyms and related words:

event, opening, climate, dry land, case, environment, thing, primer, mount, irony, history, class-conscious, backcloth, range, birth, screen background, proposition, estate, backdrop, contingency, career, distance, metier, taste, landscaping, education, compass, employment, line, appointment, minimise, play down, locale, water, image, palimpsest, hierarchy, reach, beneath, beginning, priming, priming coat, function, basis, probation, order, understate, world, orbit, place setting, context, land, milieu, populist, oeuvre, ability, delegation, masterwork, ambit, ground, bourgeois, collaboration, job, soil, setting, oscilloscope, snob, solid ground, downplay, seedbed, earth, know-how, Mise En Scene, circumstance, stage setting, stage, art, desktop, background knowledge, canon, occupational, way, picture, preparation, scene, development, scope, assemblage, telescope, society, flat coat, primer coat, locus, go, record, hierarchical, background signal, terra firma, situation, off-site.

Sense 2 (noun)

event, history, climate, preparation, state of affairs, education, situation, position.

Sense 3 (noun)

collaboration, appointment, division of labor, business, career, delegation.

Sense 4 (noun)

canon, composition, artwork, assemblage, chef-d'oeuvre, creation, art, back catalog, fine art.

Sense 5 (noun)

bourgeois, class, beneath, classless, the bourgeoisie, birth, classism, class-conscious.

background (noun)

background signal, downplay, desktop, backcloth, play down, ground, background knowledge, scope, screen background, setting, backdrop.

cognition (noun)


conditions (noun)


experience (noun)

proficiency, sophistication, experience, practice, savoir-faire, time, competence, wit, wisdom.

experience or circumstances (noun)

history, backdrop, preparation, education, environment, practice.

heritage (noun)


knowledge (noun)


setting (noun)


skill (noun)


change (verb)

downplay, play down.

Usage examples for background:

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