Pronunciation of Baggy
/bˈaɡi/, /bˈaɡi/, /b_ˈa_ɡ_i/

Antonyms for baggy:


Synonyms for baggy:

Sense 1

light, knee-length, easy-care, revealing, conservative, unfashionable, padded, A-LINE, off-the-peg, weatherproof, snug, comfortable, formal, permanent press, ruched, strappy, open-necked, homespun, smart, oversized, low-cut, seamed, tailored, skintight, button-down, informal, skinny, best, itchy, modest, Plunging, straight, backless, decollete, ready-to-wear, low, casual, waterproof, dressy, sleeveless, Clingy, sensible, thermal, raglan, close-fitting, off-the-rack, washable, strapless, machine-washable, zip up, button-through, peaked, drip-dry, unlined, heavy, tailor-made, sporty, lined, cool, made-to-measure, double-breasted, single-breasted, full-length, Starched, zippered, plus-size, skimpy, reversible, prim, tight-fitting, ill-fitting, designer, Jackie-O, sartorial, preshrunk, Hooded, scanty, one-piece, seamless, prissy, slimming, long, flame-retardant, rolled-up, boot-cut, brief.

Sense 2




Other synonyms and related words:

low, loose-fitting, button-down, strappy, itchy, prissy, brief, tailored, loose, informal, low-cut, Starched, sensible, peaked, off-the-rack, ready-to-wear, sporty, modest, seamed, designer, raglan, tailor-made, made-to-measure, rolled-up, formal, skimpy, weatherproof, wraparound, dowdy, scanty, slipshod, squashy, sloppy, quaggy, waterlogged, boggy, prim, A-LINE, backless, ill-fitting, muddy, oversized, homespun, dressy, mucky, swampy, one-piece, Clingy, Hooded, button-through.

all (adjective)

loose-fitting, sloppy.

drooping (adjective)

ill-fitting, loose, roomy.

large (adjective)

enormous, expansive, lofty, copious, vast, mammoth, capacious, grandiose, sizable, magnificent, cavernous, gargantuan, awesome, big, ample, roomy, spacious, gigantic, comprehensive, bulky, towering, elephantine, colossal, impressive, massive, huge, immense, generous, soaring, large, prodigious, humongous, tremendous, extensive, voluminous, giant, grand, great, majestic, princely.

loose (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

brief, Clingy, button-through, A-LINE, boot-cut, casual, backless, button-down, best.

baggy (noun)

loose, loose-fitting.

Usage examples for baggy:

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