Pronunciation of Bang
/bˈaŋ/, /bˈaŋ/, /b_ˈa_ŋ/

Synonyms for bang:

Sense 1

crash around, piggy, doggie, doggy, clank, swish, clangor, teeny-weeny, rat-a-tat-tat, bunny, tamp, caterwaul, wee-wee, bow-wow, mommy, boo-boo, ring out, smash in, tum, teeter-totter, pommel, choo-choo, wee, yelp, tattle, tootsies, wiener, We, doo-doo, Nana, mummy, mama, beep, peal out, scaredy-cat, upsy-daisy, fraidy-cat, daddy, honk, noise, poppet, ups-a-daisy, yippee, smack-dab, clang, glance off, POO, tinkle, cacophony, tummy, clout, swoosh, meany, yowl, blare, din, bump into.

Sense 2

whoosh, goody, scrunch, taste, racket, thunder, plump, number two, pretend, toot, grown up, pounding, explosion, wham, hoot, pop, scream, stub, beat, feedback, conk, screech, squarely, neigh, joined-up, walk into, toll, birdie, nanny.

Sense 3

too, tip, pepper, peal, sweetie, shrill, naughty, scuffle, precisely, welt, exactly, peep.

Sense 4

big, clamor, roar, directly, bark, sound, silly, lamb, little, batter, number one.

Sense 5

whistle, zing, rattle, dash, explode, cold, crush.

Sense 6

break down, trip.

Sense 7

put, lick, clash.

Sense 8

ring, no..

Sense 9

splash, crunch, cross.

Sense 10


Sense 13


Sense 14

catch, hot.

Sense 16




Other synonyms and related words:

bed, titillation, rosiness, squarely, flap down, poke, put, punch, miss, doo-doo, blare, cope, zap, tingle, cheat, recognise, live, noise, batter, guardianship, bunny, electric charge, conk, acknowledge, quiver, clangor, smite, mummy, impinge, sweetie, toll, loud noise, manage, collision, clip, deal, discern, eff, sock, hitting, dash, outpouring, fillip, flack, Instanter, neck, ram, DO, experience, prime, tamp, toot, extravasation, accusation, shudder, bop, clank, grapple, lash, nanny, ten-strike, daddy, pommel, spot, exactly, roll in the hay, recoil, We, iron heel, attack, tattle, Slam-bang, volcanic eruption, gonorrhea, pound, clout, plump, bow-wow, get it on, doggie, whomp, heraldic bearing, whap, spate, blossom, stub, teeter-totter, lie with, heyday, explode, eructation, distinguish, douse, frisson, zing, bust, peak, rigidly, yippee, cathexis, overhead, hump, strike, rattle, stunner, bloom, explosive charge, crunch, stinger, knocking, eruption, clatter, bolt, ravisher, sleep with, pelt, hammer, mission, chill, slam dance, rush, cut, cognise, paste, gust, upsurge, do it, chop, complaint, buffet, flak, wiener, squawk, pepper, pick out, care, taste, bonk, wham, welt, clash, sweetheart, bash, stiffly, brawl, precisely, get laid, birdie, explosion, sound, shiver, iron boot, clang, teeny-weeny, gush, be intimate, biff, peach, swoosh, have it away, buzz, poppet, Jollies, jazz, goody, write out, hunch over, roast, irruption, rat-a-tat-tat, gonorrhoea, thud, kick, cross, little, retire, roar, slog, get by, naughty, beat, lick, blow, racket, exhilaration, blast, dish, get along, surge, silly, work stoppage, kicking, switch, hot, larrup, belt, pop, come, tutelage, smasher, whop, direction, efflorescence, hot flash, bursting charge, make do, Incontinently, smash, hoot, fill out, billing, yelp, ring, beef, love, make love, fringe, tell apart, wallop, outbreak, charge, thrill, swipe, slapdash, shrill, high, enjoy, recognize, fire, have it off, bump into, straightway, whump, slug, clamor, have a go at it, contend, crush, looker, burster, armorial bearing, HIT, spang, thrash, fraidy-cat, hunch forward, PDQ, blush, make out, commission, bark, boo-boo, directly, hurry, bat, bearing, know, gripe, smack-dab, swat, blowup, haste, collide, flush, whistle, spank, flower, thunder, peal, swath, boot.

all (adverb)

slap, bolt, smack, slapdash.

sharp (adverb)


suddenly, with force (adverb)

precisely, smack.

Sense 1 (noun)

noise, roar.

Sense 3 (noun)

put, thunder.

Sense 4 (noun)

explosion, bark, rat-a-tat-tat, pop.

Sense 5 (noun)

beat, batter, wham, punch.

Sense 6 (noun)

clout, conk, swat, lick, biff, welt, wallop, paste, pound, clip, slug.

Sense 7 (noun)

clash, high, clank, caterwaul, clang, beep, blare.

Sense 8 (noun)

smack-dab, stub, precisely, catch, trip, squarely, directly, walk into, exactly.

Sense 9 (noun)

cacophony, clamor.

Sense 10 (noun)

choo-choo, birdie, cross, bow-wow, cold, bunny, big, boo-boo.

bang (noun)

smack, bed, boot, get laid, flush, bonk, get it on, love, eff, eruption, loud noise, have it off, blast, rush, blowup, do it, sleep with, smash, slapdash, lie with, thrill, have sex, strike, slap, HIT, belt, be intimate, kick, bash, know, have it away, slam, knock, charge, smasher, clap, spang, make out, jazz, make love, have intercourse, have a go at it, bolt, hump.

bat (noun)


blow (noun)

poke, bop, zap, whomp.

body (noun)


event (noun)

belt, bash, smash, knock.

explosive noise (noun)

clap, roar, report, slam, thump, clash, peal, wham, boom, blast, smash, clang, sound, thunder, pop, thud, burst.

loud hit or knock (noun)

belt, blow, wallop, bump, bash, whop, whack, collide, punch, bat, sock.

loud noise (noun)


thrilling situation (noun)


bat (noun, verb)


contact (verb)


hit or knock loudly (verb)

crash, clatter, rattle, explode.

moving by hitting hard (verb)

strike, HIT, rap, knock, pound, beat, hammer.

Usage examples for bang:

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