Pronunciation of Baron
/bˈaɹən/, /bˈaɹən/, /b_ˈa_ɹ_ə_n/

Synonyms for baron:

Sense 1

empress, middle manager, chief executive, baronetcy, crown princess, nobleman, sir, controller, developer, baronet, micromanager, executive officer, dealer, aristocracy, treasurer, VEEP, dealmaker, crown prince, peerage, duke, marchioness, businessperson, ombudsman, businesswoman, lady, handler, chairman, chairwoman, Debrett's, managing director, capitalist, laird, executive director, trustee, marquis, line manager, marquess, ceo, royal family, deputy, chairperson, maharani, EXEC, higher up, countess, princess, SUPT, the Windsors, maharajah, coordinator, interlocutor, pharaoh, shah, rajah, royalty, marquise, ambassador, taipan, industrialist, duchess, director general, earl, archduke, road manager, V.P., rani, viscount, captain of industry, middleman, sultana, executive secretary, KT, baroness, company man, businessman, viscountess, trade, ranee, noblewoman, account executive, entrepreneur, vice president.

Sense 2

consort, agent, man, dynasty, squire, operator, stakeholder, MGR, monarchy, dukedom, knight.

Sense 3

noble, palace.

Sense 4

crown, royal.

Sense 5

count, peer.

Sense 7




Other synonyms and related words:

entrepreneur, office, dealer, duchess, squire, interlocutor, man, consort, great power, big businessman, chairwoman, index, baronet, capitalist, businessman, magnate, deputy, mightiness, czar, agent, aristocracy, royal, major power, developer, duke, viscountess, mogul, exponent, knight, businesswoman, superpower, marchioness, dynasty, monarchy, ability, marquess, top executive, crown, lion, palace, force, peer, tycoon, EXEC, monarch, peerage, nobleman, captain of industry, laird, noblewoman, baronetcy, noble, prince, power, princess, moghul, sir, shah, KT, marquis, ambassador, rajah, maharani, baroness, business leader, world-beater, empress, businessperson, powerfulness, vice president, might, count, world power, napoleon, earl, male monarch, countess, industrialist, aristocrat, stakeholder, lady, operator, pharaoh, archduke, viscount.

Sense 1 (noun)

account executive, businessperson, agent, capitalist, businessman, businesswoman, ambassador.

Sense 2 (noun)

baroness, count, baronet, baronetcy, countess, consort, aristocracy, archduke.

baron (noun)

king, top executive, magnate, mogul, tycoon, power, business leader, big businessman.

director (noun)

general, captain, ruler, foreman, governor, taskmaster, executive, ringmaster, overlord, superintendent, mayor, master, commandant, conductor, king, ringleader, magistrate, band master, overseer, boss, warden, director, chief, dean, officer, queen, commander, leader, administrator, supervisor, manager, lord.

master (noun)


nobleman (noun)

aristocrat, baronet, archduke, peer, lord.

peer (noun)

noble, aristocrat, nobleman.

Usage examples for baron:

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