Pronunciation of Barring
/bˈɑːɹɪŋ/, /bˈɑːɹɪŋ/, /b_ˈɑː_ɹ_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for barring:

except for (adjective)

outside of, Excluding, apart from, aside from.

Sense 1

pending, Against, Toward, exclusion, Into, From, except, Qua, Amid, Among, Thru, Upon, preposition, With, Onto, Unto.

Sense 2

prep, failing, aboard, Of, at.

Other synonyms and related words:

except, With, outside of, save, aboard, aside from, exclusive of, prep, Upon, exclusion, Into, at, Amid, Toward, Interdicting, Among, pending, Unto, blackball, apart from, enjoining, proscription, prohibition, interdiction, except for, Beside, failing, From, Against.

Sense 1 (noun)

at, Against, aboard, Among, Amid, From, Into, failing.

act (noun)


barring (noun)


defending (verb)

opposing, protecting, screening, counterattacking, Resisting, Retorting, covering, Replying, Sustaining, supporting, safeguarding, arguing, Responding, Barricading, Warding, Fending, returning, Securing, shielding, buffering, upholding, guarding, Sheltering, Policing, defending, saving, backfiring, Rebutting, answering, countering.

dissuading (verb)

discouraging, Restraining, averting, intimidating, Deflecting, admonishing, disheartening, diverting, Deterring, daunting, Preventing, Disinclining, inhibiting, banning, chilling, Dissuading, dampening, depressing, Derailing.

excluding (verb)

Extraditing, Ignoring, Deporting, Boycotting, Renouncing, forbidding, Amputating, Disbarring, Removing, Evicting, disqualifying, Excommunicating, Ostracizing, Prohibiting, Eradicating, ousting, Expatriating, Exiling, Proscribing, relegating, Banishing, expelling, Repudiating.

hindering (verb)

constraining, Entangling, catching, Obstructing, Staying, Crimping, frustrating, fettering, Miring, Tangling, Burdening, Bunging, Hamstringing, Delaying, Interrupting, bottlenecking, braking, Snagging, restricting, Impairing, Handicapping, Cramping, Fouling, Detaining, hindering, Clogging, Encumbering, stopping, Snarling, Paralyzing, impeding, jamming, choking, Complicating, Plugging, Damming, Hampering, dragging, crippling, constipating, congesting, blocking, curbing, thwarting, Entrapping, baffling.

prohibiting (verb)

Suppressing, Precluding, controlling, Outlawing, Refusing, Oppressing.

rejecting (verb)

emitting, Disclaiming, cutting, Jilting, Spewing, Cropping, exhausting, junking, exuding, Rejecting, Checking, Blackballing, Eliminating, Disallowing, Excluding, deep-sixing, jettisoning, Culling, venting, Excising, Evacuating, Sniping, Ejaculating, Discarding, seeping, Chopping, Discharging, vomiting, Curtailing, Lopping, shearing, shedding, disapproving, Trashing, Oppugning, Denying, Ejecting, excreting, erupting, draining, blacklisting, clipping, Secreting, Abandoning, Disgorging, belching.

Usage examples for barring:

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