Pronunciation of Beat
/bˈiːt/, /bˈiːt/, /b_ˈiː_t/

Antonyms for beat:

rested, give up.

Synonyms for beat:

Sense 1

Amber alert, pulmonary vein, blanch, lard, lymph node, treble, melt down, palpitations, atheroma, half step, minim, Neighborhood Watch, Viral Load, worn down, ingot, double flat, whole note, ekg, circulation, dragnet, infarction, vena cava, outmatch, re, marinate, drumbeat, preen, sock, platelet, see off, fa, abo system, bloodstream, frisk, bump into, head-butt, electronic monitoring, slap around, composite, key, aorta, pat down, entrapment, take apart, forensic, downbeat, dominate, grace note, note, corpuscle, wearied, jugular, vital signs, shut down, slaughter, spleen, music, steamroller, ticker, homing instinct, sixteenth note, blood clotting, serum, harmonic, infestation, pat, atrium, Rh Factor, glance off, whitewash, Filings, bleeding, manhunt, watchdog, warble, mix, semibreve, molt, filigree, blood group, vibrato, pressure point, artery, strip search, quarter note, tremolo, horsewhip, root, gold leaf, rogues' gallery, Policing, sift, detection, agent provocateur, coronary, cosh, double sharp, blood cells, blow out, shuck, clop, heart attack, frost, quaver, splat, Sol-fa, natural, fatigued, thresh, heart, gore, red blood cell, semiquaver, plasma, vein, dish up, persecute, pulmonary artery, ti, APB, capillary, tenor, value, half note, sharp, fagged, cardiac arrest, surveillance, blood type, metal fatigue, cardiology, clobber, law enforcement, infuse, clip-clop, massacre, rhesus factor, anvil, tone, coronary thrombosis, conk, hemoglobin, metalwork, butter, route, silversmith, polish off, drub, lifeblood, warm through, preheat, patrol, stoop, pummel, range, blood, tenderize, bass, welder, clunk, gold dust, liquidize, crowd out, blood sugar, roll over, blood clot, middle c, burnish, white blood cell, silver-plate, carotid artery, anticoagulant, blacksmith, twitter, carve, flat, avenge, souse, verdigris, Pooped, octave, checkpoint, prevail, blood count, tired out, semitone, tamp, interval, pollinate, gamma globulin, ventricle, smithy, bullion, karat, forensics, chord, smash in, blood vessel, E-FIT, leucocyte, coronary artery, Half-tone, all-points bulletin, stakeout, mug shot, eighth note, outface, tonic, evidence, la, scale, mi, smelt, drumming, cholesterol, roadblock, sol, so, embolism, edge out, pitch, sheet metal, lymphocyte, fingerprint, grace, beat on, murmur, polygraph, shut out, blood product, clampdown, crotchet, tuckered, blood pressure, macerate, ironwork, heart failure.

Sense 2

enrich, fold in, sing, done in, eliminate, weary, department, hatch, ladle, tail, hurt, hallmark, dethrone, infest, F, weld, brood, bean, pewter, edge, water down, go ahead, peck, flatten, assail, ruffle, crucible, pare, print, register, frequency, roost, police, reconstitute, solder, wiring, whale at, dice, rundown, bonk, marinade, fortify, path, blow away, outrun, fight back, lay about one, clot, dredge, G, fillet, pipe, rub in, plump, weep, slap down, pinch-hit, nugget, cry, steamroll, clangor, annihilate, sideline, Weariful, scraping, hammer, thaw, jangle, bludgeon, ricochet, bleary, butchery, rain, cuff, lurch, D.

Sense 3

cube, garnish, lick, exhausted, preface, clue, cream, chink, waggle, peel, flay, migrate, leaf, grease, metal, spent, B, whisk, outshine, skunk, perch, hemorrhage, blitz, elbow, slog, juice, mince, buffet, C, brain, worn-out, gut, wear down, pepper, flake, temper, clean up, truss, hop, grate, hammering, drizzle, baste, hull, clock.

Sense 4

waste, pod, ct, pluck, butt, clump, stump, salt, scrunch, echo, dress, mill, swarm, count, top, tag, knee, bury, fly, assault, blend, rasp, detail, poison, dish out, wired, forge, knock out, splash.

Sense 5

wire, knock around, confound, alight, overwhelm, nest, prepare, doctor, toss, wing, dash, bang, flavor, plate, scrape, rap.

Sense 6

knock-down, smack, bump, core, grind, trim, sugar, stone, connect, chill.

Sense 7

upset, jump, seed, flop, put out, crawl, slam, talk.

Sense 8

stir, pass, pit, season, club, clean.

Sense 9

lead, wind, crown, stuff, deliver.

Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 13

spread, press.

Sense 14


Sense 16



whop, larrup.


beat up.


outwit, buffalo.


upset, outplayed, outplay, work over, steamroll.


beat down.








lay on.


lay low.










overreach, outsmart.




shake down.












lay by the heels, block, drub, flail.


wallop, thump.







Other synonyms and related words:

turn, churn, flog, wallop, belabor, flagellate, flap, get, pound, do in, thresh, cozen, throw, stick, mill, hammer, exhausted, accent, thrash, sharp, scourge, bruise, whisk, pluck, sting, cycle, run, lay on, rap, lash, all in, flat, strike, larrup, whop, knock, defraud, bushed, bout, skin, stump, smite, bang, baste, flop, palpitate, route, pummel, flail, buffet, drub, bohemian, pommel, lambaste, beating, tired, gravel, round, nonplus, pelt, spank, lick, thump, chisel, fatigued, batter.

fatigued (adjective)

played out.

unorthodox (adjective)


very tired (adjective)

weary, exhausted, fatigued, wearied.

Sense 1 (noun)

D, crotchet, chord, C, bass, double flat, DO.

Sense 2 (noun)

bang, atheroma, artery, knock, anticoagulant, rap, B, abo system, HIT, whack, hammer, aorta, pummel, atrium, bleeding.

Sense 3 (noun)

lick, buffet, flagellate, drub, club, clobber, clout, slap, wallop, smack, bat, punch, thwack, cuff, crown, flail, swat, baste, bludgeon, sock, bash, slug, trim, whop, belt, punish.

Sense 4 (noun)

Amber alert, agent provocateur, swing, clampdown, all-points bulletin, clean up, APB, checkpoint, clue.

Sense 5 (noun)

whisk, cry, mix, stir, brood, alight.

Sense 6 (noun)

confuse, befuddle, knock out.

Sense 7 (noun)

defraud, anvil, crucible, bullion, deceive, burnish, ct, blacksmith, cheat.

Sense 8 (noun)

assault, assail, thresh.

Sense 9 (noun)

go ahead, preface, pinch-hit.

Sense 10 (noun)

waggle, flop.

Sense 11 (noun)

lurch, count, hemorrhage, jump, clot, bleed.

Sense 12 (noun)

chill, butchery, butter, carve, blend, blanch.

Sense 13 (noun)

clangor, clip-clop, bump, forge, chink.

Sense 15 (noun)


Sense 16 (noun)

outshine, top, outmatch, pass, outrun.

Sense 17 (noun)

stump, confound.

Sense 19 (noun)

tired, fatigued, weary.

Sense 20 (noun)

unconventional, bohemian.

area of responsibility (noun)

patrol, route, circuit, precinct, path.

arena (noun)

theater, campus, area, battlefield, bailiwick, pen, circuit, ring, domain, colosseum, auditorium, field, hippodrome, precinct, enclosure, amphitheater, province, circus, locale, turf, ground, arena, setting, region, room, courtyard, realm, gallery, stage, hall, dominion, circle, battle-ground, gymnasium.

beat (noun)

whack, tremble, lash, stir, cudgel, club, smack, swing, batter, subdue, wham, thump, overpower, forge, outplay, flay, blend, worst, clobber, outstrip, whisk, thrash, wallop, lambast, outsmart, punch, excel, flutter, bash, overwhelm, strike, transcend, rout, trounce, pummel, palpitate, overcome, quake, flap, dash, annihilate, vanquish, surpass, strap, bruise, exceed, pelt, whip, slaughter, belt, lick, pulse, shake, biff, flog, slap, hammer, buffet, mix, defeat, outrun, knock, pound, thwack, HIT, welt, pulsate, quiver, conquer, outdo, clout, outwit, best, vibrate, drub, bang, throb, subjugate, swipe.

beat up (noun)

wearied, batter, cadence, bang, circuit, measure, route, vibration, thump, fatigued, assault, pulsation, round, pulse, tired, rhythm, knock around, exhausted, strike, HIT, palpitation, throb, flutter, blow, accent, path, territory, metre, journey, time.

blow, stroke (noun)

slap, HIT, lash, strike, punch.

department (noun)


expedition (noun)


impulse (noun)


location (noun)


oscillation (noun)

wave, undulation, tremor, resonance, vibration, alternation, harmonic motion, vacillation, fluctuation, palpitation, pulsation, rhythm, oscillation, libration.

region (noun)

town, locality, plot, shire, commonweal, county, earldom, zone, canton, kingdom, state, territory, lot, neighborhood, sector, dukedom, place, district, municipality, borough, riding, empire, tract, nation, country, duchy, division, parcel, quarter, colony, city.

rumble (noun)

grumble, drone, clatter, rattle, chant, roll, thrum, buzz, thunder, rumble, racket, chatter, reverberation, drum, hum.

throbbing (noun)

cadency, shake, pulse, cadence, swing, measure, pulsation, quiver, flutter, pound, rhythm, palpitation, tick, quake, thump, oscillation, vibration, undulation, meter, throb.

tired (noun)

tired, fatigued, weary.

unconventional (noun)

unconventional, bohemian.

competition (verb)

shell, vanquish, beat out, trounce, crush.

damage (verb)


defeat (verb)

predominate, foil, overthrow, overpower, outdo, humble, master, subdue, whip, surmount, conquer, quell, trump, overcome, outplay, overturn, trounce, checkmate, defeat, triumph, capture, subject, vanquish, win, crush, rout.

defeat, surpass (verb)

triumph, vanquish, exceed, best, outshine, outrun, overcome, outdo, top, transcend, excel, conquer, outplay, outstrip, subdue, overwhelm.

defeated (verb)

Predominated, won, mastered, vanquished, defeated, foiled, Triumphed, Outdid, Overcame, overturned, overthrown, surmounted, Trounced, humbled, Whipped, Trumped, subdued, crushed, quelled, beaten, conquered, Checkmated, outdone, Captured, overpowered, Subjected, routed, outplayed, Overthrew.

exceed (verb)


excel (verb)

transcend, outstrip, cap, outperform, exceed, excel, outfight, overshadow, eclipse, outclass, best, surpass.

excelled (verb)

Surpassed, outclassed, bested, outperformed, Exceeded, Overshadowed, Eclipsed, Excelled, Outstripped, Transcended, capped.

forge (verb)


injure by striking (verb)

trounce, clout, lambaste, bruise, club, spank, punish, drub, hammer, rap, whip, bat, pummel, thwack, bash, smack, flog, slug, wallop, thrash, buffet, castigate, crush, swat, mash, flail, bang, batter, knock, thresh, ram, belt, cudgel, pelt, lick, flagellate.

mix (verb)


oscillate (verb)

tick, teeter-totter, vacillate, pulse, sway, librate, vibrate, undulate, rock, stagger, fluctuate, oscillate, alternate, wobble, tremble, totter, bob, seesaw, radiate, pulsate, wag, throb.

oscillated (verb)

vibrated, Ticked, Pulsated, Vacillated, Radiated, Undulated, pulsed, Throbbed, Bobbed, wobbled, Staggered, Swayed, Rocked, Oscillated, Trembled, teeter-tottered, Fluctuated, Wagged, Alternated, Tottered, seesawed.

rumble (verb)


rumbled (verb)

rumbled, Thrummed, Reverberated, Drummed, grumbled, chanted, rolled, Thundered, rattled, Clattered, Droned, Hummed, Chattered, Buzzed.

throb (verb)

vibrate, quaver, pulsate, palpitate, undulate, agitate, bob, tremble, alternate, fluctuate, oscillate, pitch, flicker, flap.

Usage examples for beat:

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