Synonyms for become:

Sense 1 (noun)

turn into.

Sense 2 (noun)

change into, diversify, behoove, go into, alter, flatter, enhance, tend.

Sense 3 (noun)

wax, look, come over, form, appear, feel, be.

Sense 5 (noun)

correspond, conform.

become (noun)

turn, suit, get, go.

change (verb)

go, get.

enhance (verb)

suit, fit, flatter.

evolve into (verb)

grow into, change into, wax, turn into, come, turn out, metamorphose.

intensify (verb)


stative (verb)

turn, suit.

suit (verb)

suit, serve, fit, satisfy, benefit, please, dovetail.

suited (verb)

Served, suited, satisfied, Dovetailed, pleased, Benefited, Became, Fitted.

Sense 1

lapse into, blend into, diversify, happen to, change into, turn back, fluctuate, segue, drift, be, amount to, evolve, metamorphose, tend, seesaw, diverge, weigh, behoove.

Sense 2

grow into, cross over, prove, change back, alter, turn into, get back.

Sense 3

flatter, smell, alternate, oscillate, go over to, compensate, come over, take on, outgrow, wax, go into, represent, conform.

Sense 4

look, leap, fall, flip, correspond, feel, explode.

Sense 5


Sense 6

taste, form.

Sense 7


Sense 8

DO, turn out.





take on

set about.

Other synonyms and related words:

engender, depart, flip, beat, wax, let, beseem, reverse, baffle, plough, behoove, be, bewilder, induce, correspond, develop, get going, produce, convey, aim, render, break down, arrest, start out, enhance, belong, vex, fix, fail, draw, generate, shape, metamorphose, flatter, smell, wrick, turn over, fabricate, move, turn back, contract, receive, prove, come, explode, bring, conk out, stupefy, begin, look, benefit, rick, hold up, extend, start, conform, change into, ferment, twist, experience, travel, incur, go, perish, change state, tend, function, run short, run low, mystify, move around, expire, grow, commence, manufacture, happen to, plump, befit, live on, give way, DO, bugger off, live, survive, sire, stimulate, fetch, leap, pass away, suffer, find, sprain, beget, obtain, compensate, fall, endure, go bad, catch, dumbfound, have, hold out, take on, grow into, get, drift, call on, run, sound, pass, accommodate, acquire, drive, seesaw, turn, locomote, come over, capture, operate, sustain, die, change by reversal, pay back, pose, alter, go away, pay off, decease, take, lapse into, perplex, make, blend in, deform, bring forth, conk, set about, give out, arrive, lead, buzz off, evolve, turn into, amaze.

Usage examples for become:

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