Pronunciation of Bend
/bˈɛnd/, /bˈɛnd/, /b_ˈɛ_n_d/

Antonyms for bend:


Synonyms for bend:

Sense 1

isotonic, bodybuilding, bike lane, scissor, edge, reach out, speed trap, isometric, express lane, kneel, jumping jack, cower, pillow, t'ai chi, isometrics, t-junction, toll plaza, the slow lane, jog trot, pierce, intersection, lunge, snuggle, dogleg, sleeping policeman, burrow, soften, branch off, weight training, underpass, pushup, slouch, bifurcate, junction, clench, meet up, deformation, traffic circle, hairpin curve, cycle lane, bestride, stomach crunch, warm-down, circuit training, press-up, waver, hew, square off, gym, weigh station, double over, level off, jogging, on-ramp, training, splay, roundabout, bicycle lane, boxercise, reel out, passing lane, fast lane, aerobics, workout, aquarobics, chin up, chicane, describe, jog, calisthenics, forward roll, diamond lane, recline, blunt, jogger, power walking, roadway, crank, tollbooth, central reservation, crane, diffusion, loll, sculpt, ensconce, turnround, carpool lane.

Sense 2

devote, angle, speed bump, crunch, ball, coordination, bounce off, hunch, bunch, stick up, sit-up, round off, nestle, arm, curl, arc, metamorphose, flyover, fork, hitch, drape, reshape, turnout, tunnel, relax, move over, flail, cloverleaf, inclination, suck in, aerobic, reflect, hairpin, reflective.

Sense 3

corner, landmark, flatten, coil, median, plunge, operate, bathe, warm up, step, move up, interchange, screw up, smooth, turnaround, give, dedicate, straddle, fade, tuck.

Sense 4

divide, melt, open up, buckle, ascend, resume, shape, pull up, get down, huddle, rep, spill, concentrate.

Sense 5

connect, loop, reach, focus, light, duck, draw up, exercise, coordinate, brace, lane.

Sense 6

flood, set, connection, extend, travel, lie, end, apply, burn, flap.

Sense 7

direct, stir, stretch, link, shift, kick, form, lean, filter, blow, meet.

Sense 8

throw, address, level.

Sense 9


Sense 10

put up, extension, wave.

Sense 11

guide, lift.

Sense 12

fall, strike.

Sense 13

section, balance, pass.

Sense 14

point, spread, move, hold.

Sense 15

put out.

Sense 16


Sense 17


Sense 19


Sense 24


bend dexter

Bend Dexter.

bow down





lower oneself.






elbow, knee.






inflect, turn.

Sense 1 (noun)

aerobic, aquarobics, bodybuilding, calisthenics, aerobics, circuit training, chin up, boxercise.

Sense 4 (noun)

ascend, extend, connect, divide, bifurcate, branch off, end, hunch.

Sense 5 (noun)

bestride, double over, burrow, cower, balance, give, crane.

Sense 6 (noun)

concentrate, apply, bathe, waver, filter, fade, direct, catch, reflect, address, focus, dedicate, flood, devote.

Sense 7 (noun)

kick, stretch, open, reach out, close, wave, spread.

Sense 8 (noun)

chicane, bike lane, connection, corner, cloverleaf, central reservation, bicycle lane, carpool lane.

angle (noun)

flexure, corner, flection.

artifact (noun)

Bend Dexter, curve.

bend (noun)

crook, bending, turn, turn away, flexure, Bend Dexter, twist, curve, flex, crimp, deflect, plication, crease, fold, deform.

curvature (noun)

parabola, roundedness, curvature, arch.

curve (noun)

curvature, flexure, sag, loop, bow, lean, deflection, corner, parabola, tilt, yaw, twist, angle, bending, turn, crook, shift, arc, flection, hook, round.

deformity (noun)

crookedness, corruption, deformity, asymmetry, irregularity, disfigurement, lopsidedness, flaw, contortion, freakishness, perversity, distortion.

plication (noun)


shape (noun)

twist, crook, turn.

variation (noun)


bend (verb)

contort, flex, twist, deflect, warp, refract.

change (verb)


comply (verb)

cave, succumb, assent, comply, adhere, cede, conform, knuckle under, fulfill, kowtow, defer, yield, accept, submit, observe, respect, consent, surrender, bow, agree, concur, capitulate, obey, acquiesce, genuflect.

curve (verb)

curve, crook, hook, sag, swerve, camber, hang, sweep, round.

deform (verb)

corrupt, disfigure, mangle, deform, pervert, distort.

form or cause a curve (verb)

crinkle, deflect, stoop, genuflect, careen, flex, crouch, contort, incline, veer, wind, waver, arch, camber, warp, crimp, swerve, buckle, curl, deform, pervert.

motion (verb)


persuade; influence (verb)

mold, yield, shape, submit, direct.

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