Pronunciation of Big
/bˈɪɡ/, /bˈɪɡ/, /b_ˈɪ_ɡ/

Synonyms for big:

Sense 5

extravagant, volume, pretty, tot, shadow, unqualified, best, overflow, drop, violent, very, shot, crawl, depth, brother, cold, spell, sister, shower, triple, respectable, damned, implicit, moderate, hint, grade, ultimate, time, acute.

Sense 6

bit, solid, faint, fine, severe, noble, spot, host, production, score, trifle, piece, amount, fierce, absolute, cloud, breath, remote, trace, way, wanting.

Sense 7

gone, complete, pour, flow, measure, explosive, stiff, cataclysm, positive, burning, load, reasonable.

Sense 8

perfect, dead, thick, superior, pass, no., stage, step, weight.

Sense 9

cross, shade.

Sense 10

miss, nice, flat, bang.

Sense 11

plain, point.

Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 14


Sense 16


a great deal

mountain, heap, profusion, barrel, abundance, wealth, pack, world, lot, power, much, sight, pile, mass, plenty.




lumpish, porky, potbellied, burly, obese, plump, blowzy, well-fed, rotund, falstaffian, squat, buxom, cherubic, meaty, podgy, tubby, dumpy, pudgy, roly-poly, chubby.



the least bit

ounce, shred, whit, diddly, hoot, jot, iota.

to a greater extent

better, more.

Other synonyms and related words:

developed, gravid, astronomic, conspicuous, momentous, august, full-grown, tall, vehement, bighearted, full, full-fledged, outstanding, distinguished, greathearted, extravagant, astronomical, powerful, magnanimous, consequential, adult, grown, loud, tidy, bombastic, substantial, ripe, goodly, mature, noble, important, bumper, full-blown, considerable, prominent, heavy.

acceptable (adjective)


all (adjective)

heavy, large.

arrogant (adjective)

bragging, proud, boastful, imposing, overblown.

bigger (adjective)


boastful (adjective)


burly (adjective)

powerful, well-built, hulky.

celebrated (adjective)

numero uno.

enthusiastic (adjective)


generous (adjective)

greathearted, Great-hearted, noble, openhanded, bighearted, liberal, lofty, chivalrous, princely, magnanimous, heroic, free, unselfish.

grown (adjective)

elder, tall, adult, full-grown, mature.

high (adjective)


important (adjective)

material, popular, serious, paramount, meaningful, momentous, leading, powerful, significant, big league, principal, consequential, main, prominent, super, weighty, major league.

large (adjective)

expansive, comprehensive, spacious, enormous, towering, tremendous, baggy, large, extensive, mammoth, lofty, awesome, huge, magnificent, bulky, grandiose, humongous, gargantuan, elephantine, majestic, copious, prodigious, princely, great, gigantic, massive, sizable, capacious, cavernous, giant, roomy, vast, ample, grand, immense, generous, voluminous, impressive, colossal, soaring.

large, great (adjective)

extensive, commodious, vast, enormous, voluminous, walloping, brimming, massive, fat, prodigious, monster, awash, husky, oversize, bulky, hulking, immense, full, copious, ponderous, considerable, spacious, sizable, humongous, hefty, roomy, substantial, burly, capacious, heavyweight, strapping, whopper, ample, huge, jumbo, gigantic, whopping, mammoth, colossal, tremendous.

numerous (adjective)


overweight (adjective)

fat, stout.

pregnant (adjective)

gravid, parturient.

size (adjective)

amplitudinous, expansive, great, broad, measurable, portly, corpulent, large, high, long, sizable, extensive, magnificent, chunky, bulky, wide, voluminous, dimensional.

successful (adjective)

glorious, well-established, look back, undefeated, productive, go-go, all-right, lethal, established, upwardly mobile, top-rated, self-made, brilliant, distinguished, ascendant, breakout, thriving, swimmingly, successful, Vaunted, meteoric, bumper, halcyon, high-flying, growth, golden, bestselling, triumphant, ahead.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

grown up, top-rated, well-received, elder, popular, acclaimed, viral.

Sense 3 (noun)

brisk, accredited, anticompetitive, all-night, bloated, business-to-business, business, collective, brick-and-mortar.

Sense 4 (noun)

bang, healthy, bow-wow, good, cross, cold, tidy, birdie, boo-boo, bunny, choo-choo.

Sense 5 (noun)

fraternal twin, brotherhood, ripe, developed, full-fledged, conjoined twin, BRO, brother, half-brother, br, full-blown, half sister.

Sense 6 (noun)

pregnant, Expecting, parturient, gone.

Sense 7 (noun)

brimful, rich, awash, brimming, overflowing.

Sense 8 (noun)

historic, substantial, consequential, material, meaningful.

Sense 9 (noun)

Large-hearted, big-hearted, Great-hearted, unselfish.

big (noun)

extensive, cosmic, bigger, heavy, mountainous, macro, crowing, hulking, self-aggrandising, bouffant, enormous, double, puffy, handsome, large-scale, bragging, larger, outsize, wide-ranging, largish, boastfully, freehanded, walloping, colossal, titanic, great, outsized, bulky, epic, oversize, mammoth, larger-than-life, jumbo, super, spacious, voluminous, giving, wide, proud, whopping, immense, vauntingly, bighearted, bad, queen-size, life-sized, tremendous, bountiful, astronomic, ample, sizeable, obvious, galactic, self-aggrandizing, whacking, queen-sized, hulky, boastful, prodigious, lifesize, adult, life-size, biggish, gigantic, giant, openhanded, biggest, monolithic, braggy, important, monstrous, cock-a-hoop, fully grown, humongous, prominent, greatest, magnanimous, oversized, full-grown, largest, vainglorious, capacious, plumping, deep, rangy, sizable, enlarged, liberal, momentous, extended, monumental, grown, volumed, gargantuan, thumping, heroic, of import, huge, king-size, loud, vast, astronomical, broad, king-sized, mature, bounteous, massive, full-size, banner, intense, braggart, swelled, stupendous, large, too large, significant, man-sized, overlarge, elephantine, generous, conspicuous, blown-up, grownup.

fat (noun)

fat, buxom, chubby, stout, overweight, plump, tubby, obese.

with child (noun)

pregnant, Expecting, parturient.

Usage examples for big:

  • " Why," said Eden suddenly, " don't we fix those big doors into your studio so they will open? - "Youth and the Bright Medusa", Willa Cather.
  • She was alone in the big room... - "Mr. Achilles", Jennette Lee.
  • It is very big and very beautiful. - "Pélléas and Mélisande", Maurice Maeterlinck.

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