Pronunciation of Blend
/blˈɛnd/, /blˈɛnd/, /b_l_ˈɛ_n_d/

Antonyms for blend:

divide, element, disconnect, ingredient.

Synonyms for blend:

Sense 1

interweave, diminutive, preheat, tenderize, anaphora, patchwork, shuck, phrasal, derivative, tapestry, ragbag, carve, crazy quilt, suffix, emulsify, mess, phrasing, coupling, macerate, mixed bag, combo, phraseology, sift, appropriacy, pull together, warm through, Nominalize, mosaic, join, apposition, stir into, confound, confluence, butter, lard, marriage, conjunction, blanch, canonical form, souse, scramble, harmonize, interpenetrate, mishmash, wed, melange, permutation, admix, liquidize, dish up, mix up, marinate, confection, shade into, hang together, stir in, frost, componential analysis, jumble, hotchpotch.

Sense 2

formulation, pare, churn, consolidate, fortify, stir, cream, butchery, reconstitute, pipe, marry, jibe, work in, dissolve, marinade, water down, rub in, affix, tie in with, ladle, verbalize, go together, tone, enrich, dredge, thaw, dice, fold in, prefix, etymology, fillet, orchestrate, derivation, interlace.

Sense 3

garnish, juice, constitute, coordinate, hull, synthesize, peel, match-up, go with, drizzle, truss, flake, make up, whisk, weld, ending, grate, bone, grease, form, cube, mince, stem, synthesis, gut, derive, root.

Sense 4

dress, ream, couple, pepper, pod, cross, mill, pluck, poison, bind, dish out, salt.

Sense 5

prepare, doctor, toss, skin, tie, flavor, arrange.

Sense 6

core, stone, cast, grind, chill, sugar, match, complement.

Sense 7

seed, scale, shell.

Sense 8

pit, season, clean, whip.

Sense 9


Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 13

press, spread.

Sense 16



mingling, fill a prescription.




make up.


commix, intermix, admix, work in.



Other synonyms and related words:

fortify, scramble, stone, belong, conk out, cross, assort, combo, scale, apposition, accrete, marinate, spread, go away, doctor, churn, truss, patchwork, run short, give way, derivative, go bad, get, hull, intermingle, sound, conjunction, chime in, formulation, hold out, chill, prepare, ream, perish, fillet, orchestrate, adulterate, interweave, agree, jumble, liquefy, skin, dissolve, arrange, run low, survive, break down, confound, operate, break, go together, bone, confuse, decease, conflate, coalesce, mingling, prefix, dredge, match, whip, toss, go with, become, stir, marriage, pass, ruffle, admixture, verbalize, commix, DO, mosaic, desegregate, live, locomote, hold up, stir in, bind, grind, admix, endure, season, mishmash, shade into, beat, fix, match-up, portmanteau, diminutive, pod, synthesis, macerate, depart, portmanteau word, make up, go, plump, gladstone, mess, tone, aggregate, couple, extend, garnish, get going, proceed, derive, move, commingle, integrate, work, wed, immix, derivation, fit, knead, pass away, melange, liquify, press, conk, consolidate, confection, shuffle, run, flux, travel, water down, suffix, interlace, marinade, whisk, mixed bag, stem, immingle, mill, expire, die, blend in, stuff, emulsify, unite, give out, weld, cream, coordinate, join, complement, start, synthesize, ending, anaphora, sift, mix in, lead, melt, juice, marry, function, tie, unify, confluence, fail, frost, etymology, reconstitute, interpenetrate, live on, hotchpotch, liquidize, harmonize.

Sense 1 (noun)

combo, jumble.

Sense 2 (noun)

admix, componential analysis, appropriacy, derivation, stir, anaphora, apposition, affix, canonical form, derivative.

Sense 3 (noun)

harmonize, mix up, arrange, orchestrate, coordinate, stir in, synthesize, dissolve.

Sense 4 (noun)

butchery, blanch, chill, butter, carve, bone, beat.

Sense 5 (noun)

consolidate, hang together, go with, complement, match-up.

alloy (noun)

hybrid, intermixture.

blend (noun)

flux, go, commingle, portmanteau, coalesce, blend in, immix, portmanteau word, meld, conflate, immingle, mix, blending, intermix, fuse, combine, merge, intermingle.

color (noun)


combination (noun)

composite, paste, combination, hodgepodge, commixture, mixture, concoction, infusion, admixture, alloy, compound, conglomeration, brew, incorporation, ensemble, medley, conglomerate, fusion, assembly, amalgamation, mix, amalgam, composition.

composite, mix (noun)

commixture, mixture, intermixture, alloy, amalgam, concoction, combination, compound, synthesis, amalgamation, Interfusion, brew, composite, fusion.

miscellany (noun)


mixture (noun)

hybrid, potpourri, mongrel, amalgamate, blending, meld, emulsion, mash, stew, decoction, Interfusion, elixir, intermixture, merger.

preparation (noun)


combine (verb)

concoct, combine, infuse, fuse, incorporate, compose, assemble.

contact (verb)

intermingle, immingle, intermix.

harmonize (verb)

fit, unify, go with, complement, arrange, orchestrate.

mix (verb)

integrate, unite, commingle, commix, amalgamate, fuse, weld, mingle, intermix, decoct, meld, merge, combine, synthesize, coalesce.

weaken (verb)


work (verb)


Usage examples for blend:

  • Rather, blend Both musics into one. - "The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Vol. I", Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  • Black and white may soften, may blend; but they are not therefore the same. - "The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12)", Edmund Burke.
  • But it was now late, and the murmur of the river came up from shadowy depths, the squat tower of the church was beginning to blend with the dark sky, lights shone from the cottage doors, when he passed over the bridge. - "Ovington's Bank", Stanley J. Weyman.

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