Pronunciation of Border
/bˈɔːdə/, /bˈɔːdə/, /b_ˈɔː_d_ə/

Antonyms for border:


Synonyms for border:

edge (adjective)

brim, marginal, trim, peripheral, selvage, ringing, boundary, fringe, extreme, edge, Rimming, decoration, coastal.

Sense 1

footprint, inlay, terrain, decoration, lot, marquetry, define, demarcation, boss, wasteland, flourish, scallop, botanical garden, conservancy, embellishment, streamer, festoon, bower, orchard, borderland, adornment, the wild, feeding ground, parcel, Lowlands, flatland, kitchen garden, trim, peristyle, ornament, terra firma, space, belt, curlicue, wind chimes, enterprise zone, environs, ornamentation, stencil, brass, edging, daisy chain, fretwork, permafrost, lawn, decal, glitter, marchland, wilderness area, scroll, detailing, vacant lot, corridor, scenery, wilderness, border crossing, exclusion zone, dry land, lace, green, flowerbed, rock garden, urban enterprise zone, acreage, woodcarving, doily, the Open, herbaceous border, state line, turf, port of entry, fob, decor, open space.

Sense 2

neighbor, landscape, no man's land, stud, backyard, plot, public property, mobile.

Sense 3

accessory, claim, patch, domain, allotment, land, bed.

Sense 4


Sense 9





neighbor, butt against.




butt on.

vegetable patch


Other synonyms and related words:

environs, skirt, horizon, confine, casting, security deposit, surround, allowance, bed, duck, bump into, frame in, border on, parade, lot, flowerbed, draw up, sidestep, conservancy, redact, environ, demonstrate, dodge, circumvent, domain, belt, detailing, peristyle, claim, resile, ornament, throttle, elude, put, selvage, palisade, accessory, rock garden, modelling, smother, ensnare, mobile, mold, allotment, adornment, neighbor, beach, marchland, terrain, boundary line, curlicue, knock against, call, hedge, march, rebound, termination, scallop, land, lace, gross profit margin, orchard, bourn, jump, resound, botanical garden, permafrost, knell, modeling, run into, bounce, reverberate, fudge, ornamentation, spring, bunt, corridor, evade, define, take a hop, festoon, lawn, edging, compose, fence in, echo, scenery, leap, trim, strand, cast, borderland, garden, shore, decoration, entrap, beleaguer, frontier, plot, embellishment, walk, phone, tolerance, clay sculpture, marches, decor, flourish, mould, band, backyard, streamer, line, besiege, jar against, moulding, peal, exhibit, enclosure, kitchen garden, couch, set up, acreage, borderline, Mete, parry, hem in, scroll, delimitation, fretwork, bank, state line, green, telephone, trammel, demarcation, marge, gross profit, recoil, inch, process, stripe, bower, molding, ricochet, wall, wasteland, leeway, brass.

Sense 1 (noun)

decor, embellishment, ornament, adornment, detailing.

Sense 2 (noun)

corridor, belt, claim, domain, dry land, acreage, conservancy, enclosure, edging.

Sense 5 (noun)

line, state line, no man's land, demarcation, port of entry.

border (noun)

butt on, butt against, edge, butt, adjoin, molding, frame in, frame, moulding, bound, margin, march, perimeter, skirt, delimitation, borderline, boundary line, abut, surround.

boundary (noun)


boundary; frontier (noun)

borderline, edge, marchland, march.

contact (noun)

abutment, connection, meeting, junction.

edge (noun)

coast, margin, frontier limit, outline, periphery, perimeter, ring, tip, fence, side, precipice, sharpness, curb.

limit (noun)

deadline, cutoff, end, confines, apex, maximum, fringe, extremity, restriction, bounds, limitation, limit, rim, terminus, edge, boundary, brink, acme, zenith.

line (noun)


location (noun)

borderline, boundary line, Mete, delimitation.

outermost edge, margin (noun)

end, confine, fringe, circumference, boundary, rim, line, limit, selvage, brim, periphery, perimeter, skirt, trim, extremity, bounds, brink, bound, verge.

outline (noun)

frame, girth, sketch, framework, wire frame, figure, plan, representation, skeleton, delineation, form, silhouette, tracing, profile, configuration, drawing, circumference.

side (noun)

flank, haunch, shoulder, shank.

bound on; be on the edge (verb)

abut, define, touch, flank, join, frame, neighbor, surround, contour, side, margin, outline, adjoin.

contact (verb)

abut, connect, touch, contact, join, environ, reach out, surround, butt, skirt, meet, ring, adjoin.

edge (verb)

bound, trace, contour.

limit (verb)

restrain, terminate, restrict.

line (verb)


stative (verb)


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