Antonyms for boycott:

patronise, frequent, patronize.

Synonyms for boycott:

secluded (adjective)

detached, misanthropic, confined, reclusive, aloof, antisocial, sequestered, isolated, Excluded, Banished, Eliminated, maverick, cloistered, hermitic, solitary, segregated, xenophobic, Extradited, alone, Exiled, Disbarred, Extirpated, outcast, Ostracized, Blackballed, blacklisted, separated, Deported, lonely, cordoned, Expatriated, Ejected, secluded, closeted, anonymous, alienated, Excommunicated.

Sense 1

ouster, destabilize, unrest, chase, apostasy, foment, radicalism, teach-in, passive resistance, Patriot Act, siege, cyberterrorism, dismiss, revolt, protest, nonpayment, subvert, rising, sedition, counterterrorism, counterrevolution, noncooperation, sit in, militancy, terrorism, subversion, insurgency, insurrection, agitate, uprising, bioterrorism, putsch, vigil, bring down, agriterrorism, Patriot Day, civil disobedience, overthrow, ecoterrorism, obstructionism, palace revolution, rebellion, counterinsurgency.

Sense 2

demonstrate, coup, lobby, demonstration, defect, shut, riot, revolution, agitation, rebel, anarchy, terror, dislodge, barricade, spill, purge.

Sense 3

demo, dissent.

Sense 4

march, resistance.

Sense 7








sit down


Other synonyms and related words:

subversion, demonstrate, denounce, revolution, march, defect, counterrevolution, walkout, putsch, militancy, rebel, agriterrorism, barricade, siege, rising, revolt, anarchy, radicalism, agitate, unrest, dissent, coup, bioterrorism, uprising, purge, protest, demonstration, terror, obstructionism, riot, ouster, apostasy, noncooperation, demo, subvert, insurgency, rebellion, terrorism, teach-in, rise, shut, spill, chase, resistance.

Sense 1 (noun)

defect, dislodge, agitate, bring down, chase, foment, destabilize, demonstrate.

boycott (noun)

disallow, ban, exclude, proscribe, reject, ignore, bar, ostracize, blacklist, prohibit.

exclusion (noun)

eradication, expatriation, exile, relegation, banishment, ejection, repudiation, exclusion, denial, ban, rejection, prohibition, disbarment, ostracism, excision, extradition, renouncement, abscission, amputation, elimination, Disallowance, deportation, proscription, excommunication, removal, forbiddance.

ban; refrain from using (verb)

exclude, proscribe, bar, blackball, blacklist, reject, prohibit, ostracize.

condemn (verb)


exclude (verb)

eradicate, proscribe, repudiate, amputate, disqualify, prohibit, bar, relegate, excise, forbid, disallow, ignore, deny, renounce.

seclude (verb)

eject, reject, evict, remove, cloister, insulate, deport, alienate, ostracize, excommunicate, extradite, seclude, sequester, banish, expel, disbar, blackball, screen, exclude, isolate, oust, detach, confine, segregate, extirpate, separate, expatriate, closet, eliminate, cordon, blacklist.

Usage examples for boycott:

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