Pronunciation of Braid
/bɹˈe͡ɪd/, /bɹˈe‍ɪd/, /b_ɹ_ˈeɪ_d/

Antonyms for braid:

untwist, unbraid.

Synonyms for braid:

Sense 1

queue, tonsure, number two, bun, spangle, tousle, tonsorial, dreadlocks, chignon, tint, backcomb, permanent, number one, bob, permanent wave, bangs, afro, crew cut, ponytail, Bobbed, embroider, blow-dry, tassel, flattop, beehive, monogram, frill, scrunch-dry, coiffure, crop, sweep back, comb out, perm, pageboy, hairdo, sequin, cornrow, buzz cut, corsage, topknot, mohawk.

Sense 2

cord, comb, fringe, trimmings, scallop, flounce, frog, shampoo, relax, parting, streak, pompom, beading, haircut, marabou, ribbon, decoration, facing.

Sense 3

crimp, ruffle, layer, salon, do up, piping.

Sense 4

gel, condition.

Sense 5

tease, slick.

Sense 6

highlight, DO, pile, fan.

Sense 7

trim, close.

Sense 8

fix, cut.

Sense 10


Sense 23



plait, interweave.





twist around


Other synonyms and related words:

construction, chignon, relax, pigtail, intertwine, twist, queue, wrench, device, bob, spin, coiffure, interweave, monogram, ribbon, embroider, hairdo, interlace, decoration, tousle, turn of events, bun, fix, sequin, marabou, set, pleach, shampoo, entwine, hairstyle, mohawk, backcomb, ponytail, trimmings, eddy, piping, twirl, frill, whirl, gimmick, tress, wind, twisting, ruffle, corsage, winding, bend, DO, cord, facing, pleat, tease, blow-dry, parting, trim, afro, gel, pile, salon, beehive, dreadlocks, streak, topknot, fortify, crimp, gold braid, braiding, lace up, scallop, enlace, haircut.

Sense 1 (noun)

close, beehive, chignon, bob, bun, Bobbed, afro, buzz cut, bangs.

Sense 2 (noun)

blow-dry, cornrow, comb out, backcomb, comb, condition, crimp.

Sense 3 (noun)

beading, frill, flounce, marabou, cord, corsage, fan.

body (noun)

plait, twist, tress.

braid (noun)

braiding, tress, pleach, twist, gold braid, lace, plait.

fastener (noun)

lace, brace, paste, fastener, vise, bond, hitch, clinch, knitting, skewer, staple, cement, button, bolt, mucilage, chain, latch, guy, cleat, binding, connector, ligament, mediator, catch, spike, hawser, suture, link, clasp, Vinculum, zipper, knot, clamp, stay, hinge, go-between, hasp, tack, brad, bonding, cinch, pin, buckle, middleman, string, nail, seal, agent, belt, splice, snap, band, cincture, thread, fuse, stitch, rivet, fastening, glue, hook, twine, closure, cotter, binder, medium, strap, tie, coupling, weld, lock, grapnel, rabbet, anchor, bracket, clip.

hair (noun)


interwoven hair style (noun)

plait, queue, ponytail, pigtail.

plait (noun)

pigtail, hairstyle, queue.

creation (verb)

plait, lace.

encircle (verb)


fasten (verb)

lash, zip, fasten, connect, couple, sew, plait, baste, tether, weave, bind, knit.

interweave (verb)

entwine, twist, twine, weave, interlace, intertwine, lace.

Usage examples for braid:

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