Pronunciation of Brand
/bɹˈand/, /bɹˈand/, /b_ɹ_ˈa_n_d/

Synonyms for brand:

Sense 1

producer goods, soot, colophon, manure, fumes, credit with, smoke, tester, soft commodities, stub, brand leader, tattoo, cinder, sheep dip, cattle prod, accuse, cow town, end product, manger, outpouring, ash, shearing, factory farm, fish farm.

Sense 2

byproduct, ox, soft goods, market leader, farm, widget, shear, commodity, lasso, disgrace, nosering, prototype, prod, pasture, lariat, charcoal, fatten, identify, ember, coal, husbandry.

Sense 3

corral, winter, herd, trough, ranch, rope.

Sense 4

spark, product, milk, graze, generation, lineup, derivative, suite, crate.

Sense 5

dairy, crook, rate, pen.

Sense 6


Sense 7

litter, represent.

Sense 8

stall, dip, peg.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 15


Sense 17








Other synonyms and related words:

shuffling, grunge, lineup, dairy, corral, winter, ignite, differentiate, discolouration, manure, fumes, gull, husbandry, colophon, ash, crook, derivative, marque, grass, graze, cross out, pock, dip, send, crate, product, scorch, denounce, mark off, cremate, distinguish, bell ringer, instigator, rope, firebrand, snitch, model, rat, instigant, mug, commodity, brand name, trough, betray, byproduct, generation, soot, outpouring, grime, sword, burn, fall guy, pen, coal, spark, slander, injury, trade name, steel, pasture, charcoal, singe, cauterize, tell on, grease, rate, fool, peg, tattoo, soft touch, nock, chump, notice, suite, milk, blur, identify, mail, disgrace, kindle, tick, smoke, patsy, blade, smirch, target, represent, stake, cross, incinerate, engrave, dirt, marking, cinder, shop, ember, give away, station, smudge, stigmatize, filth, smear, carry, strike off, stub, cross off, bull's eye, stigmatise, stag, pit, punctuate, slur, herd, vane, leaf blade, farm, soil, provoker, crisscross, nosering, check off, widget, accuse, shuffle, saint mark, unit, litter, commemorate, post, tick off, onus, flash, print, char, dent, daub, blaze, flame, etch, trademark, term, strike out, inciter, drive, taint.

Sense 1 (noun)

stub, ember, charcoal, fumes, ash, smoke, soot, cinder.

Sense 3 (noun)

brand leader, end product, commodity, generation, byproduct, lineup, spark, derivative.

Sense 4 (noun)

cow town, dairy, crate, dip, corral, identify, cattle prod, crook.

Sense 6 (noun)


blemish (noun)

spoilage, pockmark, blemish, chip, discoloration, stigma, fracture, blister, abrasion, eyesore, score, blotch, distortion, damage, tarnish, imperfection, hack, scratch, lesion, flaw, splotch, deformity, mark, mar, scuff, wart, freckle, sore, disfigurement, dot, stain, scrape, rift, defacement, hurt, notch, fleck, kink, nick, check, drawback, fault, gash, scar, speck, defect, impurity, weal, spot, scab, blot, slit.

brand (noun)

firebrand, brand name, blade, steel, sword, mark, denounce, marque, trade name, stain, stigmatise, make, post, stigma, stigmatize.

category (noun)

denomination, ilk, classification, caste, grade, make, feather, kingdom, stock, stripe, step, persuasion, kind, clan, level, category, strain, style, species, line, Family, rank, genus, variety, series, people, taxonomy, phylum, breed, grain, genotype, degree, race, mold, form.

communication (noun)

trade name, brand name, marque.

cutting tool (noun)


distinctive label, mark (noun)

symbol, stamp, sign, logotype, logo, marker, emblem, trademark, brand name.

ember (noun)


indication (noun)

designation, crest, emblem, legend, indication, marker, figuration, logo, badge, banner, key, symbol, gesticulation, sign, semaphore, notation, lighthouse, logotype, icon, beacon, token, hint, insignia, guidepost, signpost, pointer, denotation.

name (noun)

denomination, trade name.

product (noun)

byproduct, product.

shame (noun)


stigma (noun)

blot, disgrace, taint, onus, stain, smirch, slur, blur, stigma, mark, spot.

trademark (noun)


trade name (noun)

brand name.

type, kind (noun)

cast, make, grade, variety, class, species, sort.

attribute (verb)

impute, set, attribute, assign, refer, cite, attach, acknowledge, connect, cast, credit, blame, ascribe, place, accredit, apply.

categorize (verb)

categorize, group, assort, type, sort, pigeonhole, arrange, order, classify, class.

communication (verb)


indicate (verb)

designate, nudge, alert, stamp, prompt, gesture, guide, betoken, indicate, cue, shrug, flag, tag, ticket, motion, signal, wave, beckon, point out, nod, point, gesticulate, notify, symbolize, note, denote, wink, label.

label negatively (verb)


Usage examples for brand:

  • " I hear that you have a lady named Brand lodging in the house," I went on. - "The Two Destinies", Wilkie Collins.
  • " If you are not back in good time," she said, " I shall stand by the tower and wave a brand from the fire." - "The Garden Of Allah", Robert Hichens.
  • He could ride a horse, and he could rope cattle and brand them. - "The Passing of the Frontier A Chronicle of the Old West, Volume 26 in The Chronicles Of America Series", Emerson Hough.

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