Antonyms for break:

continue, elevate, restart, obey, keep, mend, upgrade, misfortune, raise, make, promote, fix.

Synonyms for break:

Sense 1

extra time, honeymoon, semaphore, maim, stir up, slippage, me time, speckle, breather, sprain, pauperize, getaway, lunch break, quietude, give up on, response time, dint, nook, time signal, cipher, scalp, Morse Code, standing room, seize up, slip out, cryptography, escapement, flood out, spatter, sciatic, costal, furlough, go back on, incapacitate, CAPTCHA, outtake, roof, outlet, first half, despair, screening, action replay, stave in, window of opportunity, preempt, code name, simulcast, idle time, serialize, rubble, Parental Leave, tea break, fickle, opportunity, stagnate, cast up, close down, trail away, mar, truce, adventure travel, package tour, clip, safari holiday, air time, career gapper, compassionate leave, splatter, minibreak, activity vacation, backpedal, breathing space, lecture tour, golden opportunity, summer camp, injury time, wash away, airing, dry rot, instant replay, slow motion, pregame, scuff mark, elbow room, sudden death, permeate, study tour, deactivate, impair, lunch hour, private key cryptography, pelvic, safari, disjoint, halftime, unseal, eddy, leak out, shore leave, roughness, batter down, grace period, commentary, crinkle, airplay, televise, house swap, spacing, comp time, take five, lumbar, decampment, brighten up, sunrise, working vacation, chink, stoppage time, timespan, slo-mo, jeep safari, layoff, outbreak, discontinuity, unscramble, fray, walking tour, double-jointed, play-by-play, spatial, replay, excursion, educational leave, cryptogram, sabbatical, alphanumeric, sick leave, shear, narrowcast, encrypt, time lag, disable, sink in, glug, spinal, unfold, renege, expanse, decrypt, spare time, staycation, episode, leave of absence, playlist, legroom, blowout, package deal, debilitate, proscribe, activity holiday.

Sense 2

infinity, bloody, flake, transpire, mutilate, showing, dislocate, run-in, glimpse, down time, sunset, emerge, blow out, quaver, infringe, pulverize, remission, pocket, broadcast, contravene, switch off, creep in, slot into, sluice, cooling-off period, perforate, imperfection, relaxation, distance, blow in, downgrade, rerun, shorthand, wrinkle, holding pattern, sign off, vista, go over to, subside, beam, impoverish, package, darken, tremble, pack up, CODED, perforation, code, graze, repeat, immobilize, overtime, blight, schism, woodworm, footprint, jointed, squelch, moment, R and R, disobey, soak in, slosh, crick, plaster, click, headroom, flout, dream ticket, blow over, coverage, encode, twilight, kindness, clear up, dot, percolate, derogate from, plateau, gape, possibility, blessing, flip off, hope, close in, cadence, meander, dawn, air pocket, disgorge, lacuna, peel, draw out.

Sense 4

succumb, pump, penetrate, pinch, imperative, blow up, comfort, camp, half, blind, shot, slop, choice, crimp, empty, lag, network, relay, wobble, scar, slash, go off, welcome, lap, conclude, swill, thunder, interim, initiative, draw in, flight, default, decipher, grind, print, ding, descend, scoop.

Sense 5

dribble, get on, turn off, future, freeze, blemish, gush, run off, modulate, filter, arrive, crest, spout, screen, lame, fold, flow.

Sense 6

deepen, air, challenge, transmit, drip, enter, section, platform, stain, broken, overflow, retire, stream, reduce, ease.

Sense 8

occasion, scrap, shake, retreat, come in, back up, splash, show, tone.

Sense 9

cloud, course, blow, wind up, out, go down, surface.

Sense 10

flood, quarter, carry, voice, scratch, rush, sink.

Sense 12


Sense 13

track, well.

Sense 14


Sense 16


Sense 18

fall, pitch.

Sense 19


Sense 20


Sense 22


Sense 23



run off, leave, fly the coop.


break dance.


break in.


light upon.




bang up.




kick downstairs, Disrate.


lose it.


fall apart.




pick apart.


close down.

good fortune





chime in, put in.




coffee break, respite.


pauperize, ruin.


come apart, come away.


sign off.


forehand, tennis, break point, net, ball girl, unseeded, double fault, in, footfault, wimbledon, the Open, deuce, drop shot, ground stroke, love, single, set, service line, mixed doubles, advantage, the Davis Cup, ace, lawn tennis, double, ball boy, match point, let.


time out.





Other synonyms and related words:

breakage, drop, cashier, abeyance, bust, yaw, fold, interim, flop, disruption, remission, bankrupt, dawn, lull, crash, issue, jibe, burst, collapse, come out, rest, layoff, break off, ruin, respite, intermission, retire, schism, lapse, shift, give way, violate, cave in.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

clip, commentary, action replay, lapse, episode, coverage, interim.

Sense 4 (noun)

disagreement, excursion, camp, adventure travel, activity holiday, honeymoon, activity vacation.

Sense 5 (noun)

distance, footprint, expanse, luck, infinity, headroom, air pocket, clearance, elbow room, opportunity.

Sense 7 (noun)

disjoint, print, assemble, splash, serialize.

Sense 8 (noun)

appear, puncture, perforate, pierce, leak out, percolate, emerge, circulate.

Sense 9 (noun)

enter, go back on, backpedal, renege, penetrate.

Sense 10 (noun)

decipher, decrypt, burn, strain, disable.

Sense 11 (noun)

blister, communicate, convey, carry, blight, blemish, transmit, report, burnout.

Sense 12 (noun)

blow up, leak, blow over, transpire, show, out, thunder.

Sense 13 (noun)


Sense 14 (noun)


Sense 15 (noun)

clear, brighten up, fold, lift, ease, fickle, cloud, clear up.

Sense 16 (noun)

deactivate, succumb, flip off, immobilize, drop, cannibalize.

Sense 17 (noun)

impoverish, pauperize.

Sense 18 (noun)

despair, sink, darken, give up on, wobble.

Sense 19 (noun)

downgrade, tap out, voice, reduce, pitch, degrade.

Sense 20 (noun)

contravene, infringe, conclude, wind down, round off, proscribe, wind up.

Sense 21 (noun)

defy, draw out, draw in, sunset, sunrise, flout, close in, dawn, disobey, twilight.

Sense 23 (noun)

channel, come in, catch, cast up, crest, course, deepen.

Sense 25 (noun)

comfort, quietude, breathing space, retreat, relaxation.

Sense 26 (noun)

compassionate leave, furlough, coffee break, educational leave, comp time, career gapper, down time.

Sense 27 (noun)

half, overtime, quarter, halftime, first half, extra time, pregame, run-in, injury time.

Sense 28 (noun)

cooling-off period.

Sense 29 (noun)

costal, lumbar, pelvic, jointed, double-jointed, broken.

Sense 30 (noun)

expression, tone, twang, inflection, imperative, cadence.

Sense 31 (noun)

scope, choice, window of opportunity.

break (noun)

geological fault, fracture, soften, check, discontinue, shift, ruin, violate, jailbreak, bring out, erupt, break off, offend, expose, bankrupt, break dance, reveal, respite, gap, wear, kick downstairs, break of serve, discover, dampen, part, split up, weaken, separate, intermit, open frame, breaking, better, happy chance, gaolbreak, give away, infract, transgress, prison-breaking, fault, recess, demote, intermission, hold on, suspension, damp, burst, let on, let out, go against, disruption, develop, stop, recrudesce, prisonbreak, impart, bust, interruption, wear out, breakout, severance, bump, relegate, breakage, pause, fall apart, rift, come apart, good luck, divulge, rupture, snap off, breach, split, disclose, falling out.

break away (noun)

escape, leave, fly, secede, run away, quit, depart, detach, flee, separate.

break in (noun)

condition, interrupt, butt in, cut in, train, raid, wear.

break off (noun)

interrupt, halt, suspend, snap off, end, detach, pause, finish, sever, stop, cease, terminate, discontinue, part, divide, disconnect, dissever, separate.

break out (noun)

burst out, commence, erupt, flare up, escape, arise, happen, flee, start, emerge, bolt.

break up (noun)

disintegrate, take apart, disperse, split up, dissolve, terminate, adjourn, divide, sever, discontinue, destroy, dismantle, divorce, demolish, suspend, stop, finish, part, splinter, separate.

coffee break (noun)

tea break.

discord (noun)


disjunction (noun)

detachment, separation, disassociation, incision, disconnection, Disarticulation, alienation, disengagement, division, cleavage, bisection, disassembly, disintegration, amputation, segregation, rent, dissection, dissociation, fissure, disunity.

dislocation (noun)


escape (noun)

getaway, out.

event (noun)


fissure, opening (noun)

schism, fracture, split, division, rupture, discontinuity, rift, tear, rent, breach, gap, cleft.

gap (noun)

cleft, breach, rift, notch, gulf, crevice, space, ravine, interval, abyss, gap, chasm, slit.

good fortune (noun)


inactivity (noun)


interruption (noun)

hiatus, suspension, relief, stoppage, interruption, postponement, interlude, hitch.

interruption of activity (noun)

lacuna, interval, suspension, respite, interlude, breather, lull, intermission, recess, rest, blow, time out, coffee break, layoff, hiatus, breathing space, halt, pause.

lam (noun)


lucky happening (noun)

good luck, occasion, opening, luck, chance, advantage, shot, opportunity, show.

rest (noun)


sabbatical (noun)

furlough, sabbatical.

separation (noun)


stop (noun)

discontinuation, discontinuity.

tennis (noun)

advantage, break point, the Davis Cup, ball girl, ball boy, ace.

time-out (noun)

time out.

better a performance (verb)

exceed, surpass.

change (verb)


cushion something's effect (verb)

soften, moderate, weaken.

destroy; make whole into pieces (verb)

crush, rend, splinter, part, fragment, bust, separate, shiver, shatter, demolish, burst, crash, snap, smash, sever, divide, disintegrate.

disintegrate (verb)

decompose, crumble, shatter, putrefy, fracture, degenerate, turn, rot, mortify, anatomize, dissolve, decay, spoil.

dissociate (verb)

disassociate, excise, rupture, sunder, disjoin, separate, dissociate, divide, cleave, dismantle, sever, part, uncouple, alienate, rend, disconnect, disunite, detach, divorce, partition, disengage, halve, fragment, split, segregate, insulate.

emerge, happen (verb)

burst out, come off, appear, transpire, erupt, develop, go.

interrupt (verb)

postpone, reprieve, snag, relieve, recess, delay.

loosen (verb)

diverge, unbind, unfasten, release, loosen, disperse.

manage animals (verb)

farm, groom, housebreak, hostle, ranch, breed, train, tame, wrangle, herd, domesticate.

run away (verb)

escape, get away, get out, fly, flee, dash.

separate (verb)

disarticulate, Unfix, pare, disassemble, bisect, Unglue, disaffiliate, axe, remove, incise, slice, dissect, unhinge, estrange, cut, rip, amputate, scissor, disintegrate.

stop an action (verb)

cut, interrupt, suspend, give up, discontinue, abandon.

tell news (verb)

convey, disclose, impart, transmit, let out, come out, reveal, pass on, tell, divulge, communicate.

violate law (verb)

disobey, infract, contravene, violate, offend, infringe, transgress.

weaken, cause instability (verb)

demerit, bankrupt, degrade, undermine, demote, humiliate, reduce, impoverish, ruin, cripple, impair, pauperize, tame, incapacitate, downgrade.

Usage examples for break:

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