Antonyms for brisk:

lazy, lethargic, slow, sluggish, inactive, crawling, debilitating, idle.

Synonyms for brisk:

Sense 1

incorporated, infant, market-led, subsonic, dynamical, cold, business-to-business, short-staffed, upstart, tertiary, all-night, nonprofit, self-service, consumer-to-business, consumer-facing, bloated, speeding, offshore, driving, market-driven, unlisted, seething, overstaffed, labor-intensive, accredited, top-heavy, furious, mercantile, limited, C TO C, multiagency, chill, clipped, understaffed, land-based, winged, terse, not-for-profit, paperless, competitive, brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop, blustery, one-stop, drive-through, self-financing, supersonic, collective, entrepreneurial, corporate, squally, monopolistic, high-speed, undermanned, deft, shortly, anticompetitive.

Sense 2

large, predatory, cooperative, service, dynamic, commercial, stormy, windy, kinetic.

Sense 3

big, unsettled, business, runaway, strenuous, multinational, breezy, facile, enterprising, forceful.

Sense 6


Sense 9


Sense 10








Other synonyms and related words:

facile, winged, expeditious, unused, existent, invigorating, forceful, rakish, thriving, upstart, bouncy, animate, dynamic, rattling, deft, existing, cold, hot, dynamical, short-staffed, businesslike, shortly, frisky, understaffed, supersonic, natty, spruce, pert, clean, springy, refreshful, sassy, breezy, infant, top-heavy, energetic, nimble, windy, stirring, jolly, mobile, brisken, vibrant, limited, smart, fresh, tertiary, dapper, diligent, stormy, active, astir, busy, tonic, high-speed, living, business-to-business, nippy, resilient, happening, strong, brisk up, driving, prompt, all-night, unfermented, hard, nipping, festive, mirthful, raffish, watchful, abubble, pizzazzy, ready, labor-intensive, accented, clipped, refreshing, jaunty, peppy, overbold, merry, nonprofit, Rapid-fire, energising, festal, blustery, bracing, sprightly, speeding, sweet, terse, impudent, squally, fleet-footed, prepared, agile, lightning, humming, light, bouncing, perky, zippy, strenuous, restless, novel, tonal, vigilant, energizing, dizzy, live, not-for-profit, vivacious, racy, enterprising, spanking, jazzy, Sparky, snappish, new, chill, full of life, spry, refreshed, undermanned, invigorated, predatory, brick-and-mortar, kinetic, impertinent, competitive, corporate, jovial, airy, alive, spirited, snappy, offshore.

all (adjective)

merry, spanking, zippy, lively, snappy, rattling, alert.

attentive (adjective)


chilly, refreshing (weather) (adjective)

fresh, invigorating, keen, nippy, crisp, sharp, snappy, bracing.

cold (adjective)


energetic (adjective)

strenuous, kinetic.

energizing (adjective)


fast (adjective)


fast-moving; active (adjective)

busy, animated, agile, lively, nimble, bustling, spry, quick, speedy, energetic, vivacious, sprightly, vigorous, zippy, alert.

hasty (adjective)

hasty, breathless, abrupt, bustling, darting, quick, pelting, impatient, fast, flying, feverish, urgent, running, galloping, fleet, rapid, swift, dashing, speedy, rushing, breakneck, hurried.

invigorating (adjective)


lively (adjective)

lively, mettlesome, alert, vigorous, animated, active, vital, humming, enthusiastic.

perky (adjective)


severe (adjective)

critical, obstinate, astringent, caustic, acute, icy, stark, exacting, spartan, intolerant, disciplined, hidebound, cool, keen, brusque, cutting, frosty, inflexible, oppressive, lean, short, draconian, stiff-necked, strict, meticulous, unbending, tart, harsh, bleak, intense, censorious, acrimonious, prudish, basic, stern, severe, curt, rigid, authoritarian, ascetic, correct, precise, abrupt, uncompromising, piquant, fundamental, acerbic, sharp, obdurate, imperial, demanding, blunt, chilly, gruff, spare, dry, crisp, grim, austere, dour, rigorous, stringent, strait-laced, puritanical, raw, relentless.

sharp (adjective)


vigorous (adjective)


windy (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

terse, clipped, shortly.

Sense 2 (noun)

accredited, business-to-business, bloated, anticompetitive, brick-and-mortar, all-night, big, collective, business, facile.

Sense 3 (noun)

dynamical, kinetic, strenuous, dynamic, high-speed, forceful, deft.

Sense 4 (noun)

squally, stormy, breezy, unsettled, driving, blustery, wild, windy, enterprising.

brisk (noun)

energising, bracing, energizing, brisken, snappy, brisk up, invigorating, merry, rattling, fresh, active, refreshing, energetic, zippy, spanking, tonic, lively, refreshful.

change (verb)

brisk up, brisken.

Usage examples for brisk:

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