Pronunciation of Bull
/bˈʊl/, /bˈʊl/, /b_ˈʊ_l/

Antonyms for bull:


Synonyms for bull:

Irish bull

Irish Bull.

Sense 1

bearish, he, peeler, capitalization, bilge, stag, stock exchange, Securities, day trading, stockholder, buck, controlling interest, doctrine, ram, alpha male, boar, market maker, ipo, blooper, stock option, finest, malarkey, gelding, leveraged buyout, patrolwoman, tommyrot, share option, policeman, applesauce, buyback, futures market, redemption, penny stock, flatfoot, ox, subscribe for, market capitalization, nonsense, bid price, piffle, broker-dealer, dealing room, shareholder, Bluecoat, bobby, rooster, policewoman, hart, gander, tom, TMT, stallion, drake, management buyout, baloney, bullock, buyout, buyer, cow, rights issue, offer price, gendarme, bloomer, tomcat, constable, Billy Goat, hooey, stupidity, LBO, pine, bull market, corporate raider, price-earnings ratio, bear market, the stock market, profit taking, bondholder, sire, unit price, bull run, corporate bond, stockbroker, unit trust, Foozle.

Sense 2

twaddle, blather, act, drone, flotation, bullish, male, raider, patrolman, spread betting, irredeemable, takeover, underwriter, jobber, peace officer, gray market, beef, scrip, garbage, dog, rigmarole, trading, balderdash.

Sense 3

drivel, equity, unlisted, rubbish, police, boy, steer, sell off, par, goof, claptrap.

Sense 4

correction, holding, tomfoolery, redeem, poppycock, bid, subscription, stud, officer, idiocy, bungle.

Sense 5

fumble, market, trash, blunder, gain, raid.

Sense 6

man, premium.

Sense 7

heat, share, pit, floor.

Sense 8

float, trade, issue.

Sense 9


Sense 10

law, stock.

Sense 23


Taurus the Bull

Taurus The Bull.


confess, confessional, excommunicate, imprimatur, altar boy, apostolic, confession, purgatory, confessor, catholicism, the holy see, papacy, limbo, pontificate, encyclical, mortal sin, papal, popish, holy father, catholic, roman, popery, interdict, r.c., indulgence, the Vulgate, the Sacrament of the Sick, anglo-catholic, popemobile, papist, conclave.




police officer.

police officer




Other synonyms and related words:

constable, tomentum, takeover, scrip, hogwash, hair, diddly-shit, flannel, policewoman, interdict, gas, subscription, buncombe, hog, blatherskite, ukase, piffle, buyer, tommyrot, flapdoodle, he, sire, fake, bungle, diddlysquat, ram, sloven, foolishness, stallion, humbug, twaddle, claptrap, slovenly person, mark, roman, copper, confessional, poppycock, diktat, forge, gasconade, bid, bruiser, stud, male, shamus, catholicism, drake, lawman, peeler, stupidity, bombast, cu, shareholder, Humbuggery, buck, tosh, catholic, blither, fudge, bulldoze, papal bull, moonshine, Foozle, floor, braggadocio, ox, blarney, float, bell ringer, police, detective, bearish, patrolwoman, goof, garbage, rodomontade, steer, beef, broker-dealer, taurus, grandiloquence, patrolman, jack, guff, fumble, rigmarole, boar, bullish, stockholder, stock, pontificate, shoulder, bosh, bilge, indulgence, heat, Irish Bull, dogshit, share, Taurus The Bull, malarkey, finest, rising, squealer, cockalorum, tomfoolery, whoreson, pig bed, swagger, misrepresent, hoot, shite, edict, hart, flatfoot, man, applesauce, gain, baloney, encyclical, hot air, jostle, cop, cow, manipulate, diddly, officer, law, bunk, blah, diddly-squat, balderdash, decree, tomcat, rot, anglo-catholic, blur, nerts, police officer, nut, conclave, rubbish, samson, idiocy, pig, crock, diddley, stockbroker, cook, jazz, dump, boy, bull through, taradiddle, stag, slob, strapper, bloomer, Bluecoat, exaggeration, blather, papal, fiddlesticks, horsefeathers, redeem, bull's eye, raider, dog, blooper, magniloquence, fiddle-faddle, bondholder, dirt, apostolic, gendarme, falsify, cattle, buyback, shucks, Billy Goat, rescript, fuzz, gander, drool, tom, elbow, muck, darn, crapola, folderol, fiat, bunkum, wangle, diddlyshit, policeman, squat, rooster, nonsense, vapor, hooey, drivel, gelding, peace officer, counterfeit, bobby, limbo, blunder, confessor, confess, confession, trash, Fanfaronade, codswallop, jobber, act, bullock, grunter.

Sense 1 (noun)

buck, boy, bullock, sire, male, boar, Billy Goat, steer, cow, alpha male, dog, ox.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

heat, law, constable, patrolman, man, peeler, police officer, shoulder, peace officer, gendarme, policeman, flatfoot, Bluecoat, finest, patrolwoman, policewoman, officer, police, bobby.

Sense 5 (noun)

bunk, bunkum, balderdash, garbage, claptrap, idiocy, poppycock, tommyrot, hooey, blather, rigmarole, twaddle, trash, bilge, malarkey, tomfoolery, drivel, piffle, applesauce.

absurdity (noun)


catholicism (noun)

apostolic, catholic, anglo-catholic, catholicism, altar boy, confess, confession, conclave.

detective (noun)

shamus, flatfoot.

guff (noun)

bunkum, hogwash, guff.

lawman (noun)


nonsense (noun)

bilge, bunkum, baloney, claptrap, balderdash, rubbish, trash, hogwash.

social (verb)

bull through.

Usage examples for bull:

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