Pronunciation of Bum
/bˈʌm/, /bˈʌm/, /b_ˈʌ_m/

Synonyms for bum:

Sense 1

down-and-out, rascal, slugabed, bag lady, voluptuary, timeserver, gourmand, gadabout, epicure, deadbeat, borrow, Street People, laggard, homeless, flotsam, Do-little, connoisseur, sluggard, gypsy, bon vivant, hedonist, stateless, buttock.

Sense 2

failure, beg, passenger, parasite, unsatisfactory, transient, waif, bun, derelict.

Sense 3

norm, gourmet, shirk, false, sight, nuisance.

Sense 4


Sense 6


Sense 7









rear end.



Other synonyms and related words:

hike, sundowner, arsehole, loiter, shirk, nooky, Arse About, goat, gourmand, posterior, basis, lounge, depress, tush, panhandle, breech, seat, cigaret, tawdry, backside, merchant ship, sleazy, blackleg, base, foot, foundation, buttocks, connoisseur, stool, second-rate, lav, tatty, punk, bathroom, waste one's time, smoke, tin, butt, inferior, can, malefactor, strikebreaker, flotsam, cadge, deadbeat, crummy, vomit, scrounge, miserable, tinny, shutout, merchantman, chinchy, oppress, droop, lousy, tail end, hedonist, cheap, footle, understructure, linger, locoweed, tail, common, trashy, no-goodnik, lemon, bargain-basement, keister, flashy, undersurface, laze, musk turtle, puke, buttock, tin can, sluggard, target, commode, croup, shnorr, frig around, lounge about, fanny, hindquarters, shadow, sadden, back end, inexpensive, empennage, Heinie, gourmet, scum bag, bum about, stub, nates, fool, rotten, loud, trumpery, polecat, cheesy, cut rate, Swagman, poor, crapper, lavatory, bun, grub, stateless, nuisance, John, haunches, skunk, loll, crumb, duff, underside, lollygag, sess, laggard, throne, screwing, vegetable, passenger, gadabout, quarter, tramper, bottomland, junky, stinkpot, terrible, rascal, dawdle, homeless, low-grade, transient, cornerstone, gaudy, privy, cheapjack, lallygag, buns, weed, bed, groundwork, place, sens, behind, gage, failure, meretricious, back, can buoy, brassy, she-bop, bag lady, tacky, prat, tail assembly, lounge around, do-nothing, squealer, derelict, flash, croupe, freighter, dillydally, voluptuary, after part, rotter, cigarette, schlock, gimcrack, scram, wank, cheek, shtup, false, tarry, back tooth, sponge, stooge, Do-little, blabber, slugabed, seamy, lurk, stern, rear, coffin nail, scab, masturbate, beg, garish, rump, borrow, waif, low-rent, schnorr, loaf, coarse, derriere, unsatisfactory, laughingstock, informer, hams, sordid, get, loll around, chintzy, so-and-so, shadower, bad, dirty dog, epicure, bottom, stinker, potty, betrayer, grass, substructure, swinger, vomitus, down-and-out, tooshie, execrable, parasite, seedy, bum around, shoddy, hind end, wretched, hum, Hunkers, hiker, Git, gypsy, mediocre, fundament, squalid, freeload, canful, rat.

all (adjective)

tinny, cheesy, sleazy, cheap, chintzy, crummy, punk.

Sense 2 (noun)

panhandle, beg.

Sense 3 (noun)

buttock, cheek, shirk, laze.

Sense 4 (noun)

flotsam, Street People, down-and-out, Do-little, stateless, homeless, sluggard, bag lady, gypsy, slugabed.

Sense 5 (noun)

gadabout, gourmand, epicure, hedonist, bon vivant, connoisseur, voluptuary, gourmet.

Sense 6 (noun)

deadbeat, passenger, parasite.

beggar (noun)

derelict, vagrant, transient.

bottom (noun)

tush, breech.

bum (noun)

hindquarters, fundament, prat, rat, tush, mooch, keister, stinkpot, posterior, hind end, punk, crummy, idler, buttocks, nates, behind, butt, do-nothing, puke, stinker, cheesy, cheap, buns, bottom, can, rotter, backside, grub, seat, derriere, tinny, rear, sleazy, scum bag, so-and-so, chintzy, fanny, stern, crumb, tail, tooshie, loafer, rump, rear end, skunk, layabout, sponge, cadge, inferior, tail end.

buttocks (noun)


idler (noun)

lazybones, loafer, dilly-dallyer, sponger, wastrel, panhandler, lingerer, scrounger, mendicant, dawdler, clock watcher, goldbrick, freeloader, loiterer, slacker, drone, mooch, moocher, idler, slowpoke, ne'er-do-well, beggar, couch potato, sloucher, mope, lounge lizard, layabout, vagrant, goof-off, good-for-nothing, slouch.

person (noun)

puke, crumb, rotter, scum bag, rat, stinkpot, stinker, skunk, Git, dirty dog, so-and-so.

rear (noun)


shirker (noun)


slob (noun)

pig, mess, pigpen, slob, boor.

tramp (noun)


traveler (noun)


wanderer (noun)


possession (verb)

cadge, grub, sponge, mooch.

Usage examples for bum:

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