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Synonyms for burn:

Sense 1

incapacitate, install, zap, copy, coddle, compile, seal in, nest, delete, load, roaring, disable, incandesce, drill down, reformat, encode, curry, rewrite, afire, spool, retrieve, reheat, bubble over, unzip, computerize, glowing, execute, dry rot, blush, interrogate, erase, color up, stir fry, tanning bed, select, wallow, charbroil, sun cream, ping, sunbathe, back up, heat through, undelete, sun worshiper, pull off, chargrill, sunlamp, biofuel, dint, DEFRAG, red-faced, export, zip, crinkle, Water power, alight, paste, rubble, sprain, saute, fiery, program, wipe, overwrite, tile, deselect, minimize, speckle, metabolize, translate, biogas, uninstall, plug into, migrate, SPF, griddle, swipe, debug, flare off, burn away, overcook, compress, flushed, undo, blazing, concatenate, coal-fired, web-enable, preprogram, respire, fossil fuel, call up, Relight, gaming, breakage, save, cut and paste, lacerate, sunburned, resize, overdo, scuff mark, unpack, maim, scalp, write, solid fuel, manipulate, cut over, configure, initialize, link, solar energy, solar panel, debilitate, defragment, renewables, retry, embed, morph, enable, sweeten, digitize, keep, stay down, wilt, code, author, print out, process, suntan lotion, store, import, ablaze, aflame, give up to.

Sense 2

flicker, upgrade, deliver, imperfection, work up, network, sun, anger, madden, possess, torch, format, sweep away, engrave, irritate, baste, blight, bank up, highlight, mutilate, operate, fracture, gleam, rip, injure, scan, woodworm, microwave, brown, flaming, overload, view, stoke, block, boil down, bristle, lock, dislocate, whip up, decompress, flaw, brim over, bloody, biomass, slit, flare up, burst into, populate, redden, fall apart, graze, wrinkle, nuke, overexpose, clarify, lick, burn-in, wood.

Sense 3

decay, smoke, capture, digest, muster, paralyze, tingle, eat up, blister, output, energy, crisp, walk away with, churn, kink, burnout, archive, seethe, foam, assimilate, crease, tear, experience, bark, gouge, tanning.

Sense 4

dump, cripple, turf, blind, scar, gutter, run, juice, ding, pinch, slash, snag, overflow, support, pale, ferment, bubble, choke, crimp, prickle.

Sense 5

blemish, capacity, nurse, fan, feel, pulse, lame, jam, access, froth, scramble.

Sense 6

lay out, explode, flush, render, stain, splash.

Sense 7

rage, smart, split, go down, twist, chip, strain, gas.

Sense 8

find, swell, color.

Sense 9

flood, knock.

Sense 10

scratch, break, strike, put on, pop.

Sense 11

mark, pull, stand, power.

Sense 13


Sense 14


Sense 15

catch, down.

Sense 16


Sense 17


Sense 20


burn up



buffalo, hoodwink.








take fire, flare up, catch fire.


strike a light.


enkindle, set on fire.



set on fire


Other synonyms and related words:

Brooklet, conflagrate, catch fire, rivulet, smoke, strike a light, foam, cremate, beck, blaze up, burning, glow, sunburn, suntan, cut, brook, set on fire, catch, electrocute, enkindle, flame, streamlet, shine, seethe, incandesce, smolder, incinerate, fume, blaze.

Sense 1 (noun)

fiery, ablaze, roaring, alight, glowing, blazing, flaming.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

back up, block, call up, author, burn-in, access, capture, archive.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

anger, madden.

Sense 9 (noun)

assimilate, steam, rage, absorb, flare up, down, metabolize, go down, digest, explode, stay down, bristle, fume, seethe, foam.

Sense 10 (noun)

bubble, churn, ferment, brown, charbroil, baste, smolder, boil down.

Sense 11 (noun)


Sense 12 (noun)

break, injure, strain, disable.

Sense 14 (noun)

fossil fuel, gas, biofuel, energy, coal-fired, biomass, biogas, capacity.

Sense 15 (noun)

blight, chip, burnout, breakage.

Sense 16 (noun)

drain, blush, color, flood, color up, flush.

Sense 17 (noun)


Sense 18 (noun)

sunbathe, lay out, sun cream, overexpose, SPF, sun, sunburned.

blister (noun)


burn (noun)

burn mark, sunburn, incinerate, bite, suntan, burning, glow, cut, burn up, cauterise, tan, burn off, combust, sting, cauterize.

energy (noun)


pain (noun)

grief, earache, pain, crick, agony, affliction, throb, sting, misery, irritation, anguish, discomfort, spasm, painfulness, bruise, malaise, bite, inflammation, torture, hurt, Back Ache, pang, headache, Migraine, gripe, stab, wrench, torment, cramp, wound, distress, rack, chafing, ache, throe, injury, infliction, suffering, smarting, stitch, sore.

state (noun)


be excited about; yearn for (verb)

fume, boil, simmer, bristle, seethe, eat up, rage.

be on fire; set on fire (verb)

enkindle, cauterize, light, broil, combust, blaze, scald, flame, sear, parch, scorch, roast, incinerate, singe, flicker, char, bake, glow, cook, toast, cremate, flash, smolder, kindle, conflagrate, torch, smoke, ignite, heat, flare.

change (verb)

combust, fire, burn down.

cheat (verb)

cozen, deceive.

creation (verb)


feel stinging pain (verb)

pain, bite, hurt, smart, tingle, sting.

heat (verb)

parboil, char, scald, roast, boil, braise, parch, grill, sear, singe, swelter, poach, fry, fire, stew, toast, simmer, bake, broil, warm, heat, scorch, barbecue, cook.

ignite (verb)

ignite, kindle, light, inflame.

weather (verb)


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