Pronunciation of Bushy
/bˈʊʃi/, /bˈʊʃi/, /b_ˈʊ_ʃ_i/

Antonyms for bushy:

branchless, groomed.

Synonyms for bushy:

Sense 1

hairless, flowering, leguminous, rough, bouffant, scrubby, tousled, flyaway, greasy, thirsty, trailing, fleshy, leafy, swept-back, perennial, close-cropped, matted, hardy, biennial, succulent, bad hair day, aromatic, etiolated, algal, viable, wiry, submersed, lank, split ends, scraggly, luxuriant, scorched, frizz, herbaceous, frizzy, dwarf, potted, male, shoulder-length, coiffed, shrubby, female, balding, creeping, barren, coiffured, unkempt.

Sense 2

flowing, spiky, dense, lush, withered, nappy, tender, crinkly, bristly, ephemeral, bedhead, woody.

Sense 3

sleek, vigorous.

Sense 4

curl, early.

Sense 6

gloss, loose.

Sense 9


Sense 10

thick, body, thin.

Sense 13




Other synonyms and related words:

greasy, bristly, thin, flowering, spreading, dense, leafy, scrubby, matted, shagged, bouffant, loose, herbaceous, coiffed, bearded, aromatic, dwarf, perennial, rough, succulent, nappy, gloss, body, shrubby, woody, trailing, ungroomed, scraggly, luxuriant, lush, balding, branchy, wiry, barren, flowing, tousled, thick, hardy, female, lank.

all (adjective)


hairy (adjective)

hairy, woolly, shaggy, furry, fuzzy, hirsute.

shaggy, unkempt (adjective)

hairy, thick, rough, spreading, hirsute, furry, fuzzy, wiry, leafy, bristly, nappy, woolly, luxuriant.

Sense 1 (noun)

aromatic, algal, biennial, barren, creeping.

bushy (noun)

shaggy, spreading, branchy, ungroomed.

fuzzy (noun)

nappy, wiry, bristly, rough, crinkly, leafy, thick, unkempt.

Usage examples for bushy:

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