Synonyms for cakewalk:

Sense 1

GIMME, gravy train, low-hanging fruit, plain sailing, no-brainer.

Other synonyms and related words:

GIMME, no-brainer, ROSES, cinch, picnic, breeze, pushover, duck soup, cake.

Sense 1 (noun)

no-brainer, low-hanging fruit, GIMME, cinch.

dance (noun)

mazurka, waltz, moonwalk, hornpipe, bolero, dance, courante, Galliard, minuet, fandango, shimmy, cha-cha, reel, shuffle, can-can, hula, marengue, one-step, twist, tarantella, samba, allemande, quadrille, square dance, polka, turkey trot, mambo, charleston, beguine, jitterbug, two-step, rumba, fox-trot, tap dance, clog, cotillion, lambada, gavotte, polonaise, hootchy-kootchy, conga, jig, tango, highland fling.

duck soup (noun)

pushover, no-brainer.

easy activity (noun)

dance, cinch.

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