Pronunciation of Call
/kˈɔːl/, /kˈɔːl/, /k_ˈɔː_l/

Synonyms for call:

Sense 1

limited English proficient, TOEIC, conference call, drop by, telephony, stick on, direct marketing, flying visit, nickname, level at, klaxon, use-by date, know, working practices, wager, order book, aftermarket, warranty, guarantee, try, invitation, vacancy, hot desking, litigate, sojourn, gong, come before, probation, yap, even money, Ponzi scheme, TOEFL, career, house-to-house, attractiveness, EFL, sales pitch, halloo, job-sharing, metier, buyer's market, person-to-person, number off, seller's market, marketplace, have in, ELT, choreography, demand, wrong-foot, repurchase agreement, distribution, go before, undercut, window dressing, bet, selling point, stock control, off-site, file for, party plan, royal flush, yellow card, money-back guarantee, pilgrimage, timekeeper, burglar alarm, look up, play off, ESL, cold call, awaken, stand-down, busy signal, answer to, arraign, USP, commentary box, sellout, churn rate, TESOL, gatecrash, woof, collect call, name for, livelihood, EAP, shelf, swing by, working life, bobble, litigious, plead, TEFL, command, whine, taps, job description, ump, incumbency, choreographer, high street, scorekeeper, red card, appeal, phone back, phone round, gray market, odds, swing through, sale and leaseback, turnover, order off, entitle, conjure up, choreographic, opportunity, stockkeeping, fire alarm, look-in, name after, division of labor, ring round, prank call, witness to, teleshopping, oink, voice, defend, buzzer, proceed against, nonappearance, betting, customer care, spread betting, why, job security, revisit, TESL, smoke signal, portfolio working, allurement, the tote, packaging, workload, takings, smoke alarm, selling, smoke detector, EAL, telesales, baa, panic button, call by, work experience, resale, stop off, phone through, redial, challenge, credit rating, retailing, pyramid selling, cross examine, car alarm, whistle-stop tour, call after, IELTS, cross-selling, shelf life, swear in, the all clear, salesmanship, product recall, grand tour, occupational, telephonist, conducted tour, hear, croak, professional development, reverse-charge call, dub, create, ESOL, double jeopardy, courtesy call.

Sense 2

third party, visitation, come by, come around, sale, ESP, long-distance, bluster, charisma, employment, chop down, relaunch, hit back, play out, gig, denominate, patronize, umpire, collaboration, retry, testify, scorer, court-martial, slot, choreograph, trump, prosecute, grand slam, look-over, wiretap, play on, sustenance, wherefore, full house, overturn, sustain, pluralism, summon, subpoena, peg back, petition, across the board, bring before, That, footwork, alarm bell, remand, profession, opus, uphold, come over, depose, linesman, merchandising, retail, tenure, requirement, flutter, need, yawp, ref, dealer, delegation, magnetism, date, remit, witchery, instruct, price, glamour, sworn, submit, feint, tour, door-to-door, circuit, phone-in, congregate, officiate, apportion, frequent, fascination, referee.

Sense 3

detail, go around, background, call on, appointment, wholesale, come up, go by, dial, exaction, enchantment, start out, baptize, shuffle, characterize, float, jammed, hiss, attraction, buzz, walk, engaged, examine, pair, dish out, enticement, open house, fumble, allow, stamp, competent, premium, caller, exchange, haunt, situation, bear, job, appear.

Sense 5

rubber, dance, busy, move, hang up, trade, hold off, professional, adopt, trick, crash, pop, disconnect, collect, flush, justification.

Sense 6

starter, guard, range, rise, qualify, come off, work, tackle, number, function, dummy.

Sense 7

foul, ground, business, cut off, dive, cause, get through, judge, step, hand, come-on, position.

Sense 8

hold, send.

Sense 9

round, through, reason, gather, jam, blank, kick, open.

Sense 10

spot, DO, occasion, charge.

Sense 11

book, block, low, put down, field, card.

Sense 12

score, drop, go on.

Sense 13

transfer, service, stick.

Sense 14


Sense 15

line, straight.

Sense 16

put on.

Sense 17


Sense 18


Sense 19


Sense 20


Sense 22


Sense 26


Sense 29






call in


come by

come over, drop by.


call on, send for.




holler out.








title, denominate, name.


trumpet call.

shout out





swing by, come around, stop off.



Other synonyms and related words:

ring, bid, phone, consider, exaction, bidding, describe, cite, telephone call, buzz, score, suppose, telephone, cover, requirement, call up, requisition, muster, make, demand, claim, invitation, dub, phone call, denominate, entitle, allow, request, appeal, visit, characterize, summon, invite, press, occasion, put, cause, reason, summons, see.

Sense 4 (noun)

call after, taps, answer to, name after, number off, trumpet call, go by, command, summons.

Sense 5 (noun)

invitation, request, bidding, appeal.

Sense 6 (noun)

halloo, appear, bluster, yawp, bring before, bring, arraign, affirm, allow.

Sense 7 (noun)

muster, summon, convoke, convene.

Sense 8 (noun)

churn rate, aftermarket, congregate, direct marketing, gather, assemble, collect, buyer's market, cross-selling, detail, cluster, customer care, credit rating.

Sense 9 (noun)

alarm bell, burglar alarm, car alarm, baptize, entitle, dub, the all clear, buzzer, fire alarm, denominate.

Sense 10 (noun)

characterize, decision.

Sense 11 (noun)

buzz, dial.

Sense 12 (noun)

go around, come over, look up, look-in, swing by, seek, drop by, call on, come by.

Sense 13 (noun)

gauge, judge.

Sense 14 (noun)

demand, scold.

Sense 15 (noun)

stick on, dish out, apportion, charge, level at.

Sense 16 (noun)

choreograph, hold.

Sense 19 (noun)

hiss, baa, croak.

Sense 20 (noun)

bet, put on.

Sense 23 (noun)

dummy, dealer, grand slam, hand, full house, flush.

Sense 25 (noun)

officiate, linesman, book, card, commentary box.

Sense 27 (noun)

EAL, ELT, ESOL, ESL, limited English proficient, IELTS, EFL, ESP, EAP.

Sense 29 (noun)

choreographic, choreographer, step, dance, footwork, choreography, kick.

Sense 30 (noun)

conference call, collect call, prank call, person-to-person, cold call, long-distance, courtesy call.

Sense 31 (noun)

open house, circuit, conducted tour, flying visit, whistle-stop tour, round.

alarm (noun)

signal, siren, horn, alert, caution, foghorn, semaphore, whistle, alarm, notice, buoy, warning, flare, bell, beacon.

call (noun)

predict, birdsong, bid, address, phone call, anticipate, call-in, hollo, scream, vociferation, prognosticate, birdcall, call off, song, shout out, yell, ring, visit, call up, claim, telephone, call option, shout, foretell, telephone call, outcry, promise, margin call, holler, forebode, squall, phone, cry.

call for (noun)

need, occasion, demand, collect.

call on (noun)

shout, buzz, occasion, need, summons, bid, summon, justification, command, cause, visit, yell, signal, run, plead, shriek, reason, cry, appeal, entreat, bell, demand, claim, ring, invitation, scream, request.

command (noun)


communication (noun)

telephone call, claim, phone call.

cry (noun)

groan, caw, whinny, moo, song, meow, whine.

demand, announcement (noun)

summons, visit, subpoena, bidding, invitation, appeal, notice, request.

need, cause for action (noun)

occasion, necessity, claim, justification, reason.

normal sound of animal (noun)

song, shriek, chirp, roar, warble.

request (noun)


telegram (noun)


telephone call (noun)

collect call.

ululation (noun)

snort, twit, cry, honk, neigh, cackle, coo, snarl, gobble, whinny, growl, squeal, warble, squawk, bray, yelp, purr, howl, chirp, moo, bellow, cluck, bleat, grunt, chatter, bawl, ululation, meow, hoot, mew, trill, caw, crow, cuckoo, bark, roar, quack, bay.

visit (noun)


visitation (noun)


yelled statement (noun)

alarm, cry, yawp, command, signal, shout, yell, holler, whoop, scream.

arrange meeting (verb)

convoke, invite, assemble, telephone, convene, bid, gather, phone, summon, muster, collect, rally.

attempt to communicate by telephone (verb)

buzz, ring.

cry (verb)

shriek, groan, scream, shout, moan, cheer, yell, whoop, holler, exclaim, clamor.

demand or announce action (verb)

challenge, appoint, solicit, entreat, ordain, charge, requisition.

entitle (verb)

address, christen, term, baptize, label, dub, title, denominate, name, designate.

estimate, consider (verb)

put, prophesy, portend, presage, prognosticate, augur, judge, forecast, think, predict, foretell, vaticinate, reckon.

name (verb)

term, title, tag, designate, identify, christen, label, name.

order (verb)


ululate (verb)

snort, twit, cry, honk, neigh, cackle, coo, snarl, gobble, whinny, growl, squeal, warble, squawk, bray, yelp, purr, howl, chirp, moo, bellow, cluck, bleat, grunt, chatter, bawl, ululate, meow, hoot, mew, trill, caw, crow, cuckoo, bark, roar, quack, bay.

visit at residence or business (verb)

HIT, swing by, see, come over, crash, come by, drop by, look up.

yell declaration (verb)

hoot, bawl, cry out, howl, vociferate, exclaim, bellow, announce, awaken.

Usage examples for call:

  • We all call her Joy- little Miss Joy. - "Little Miss Joy", Emma Marshall.
  • Call him 'Prince' if you want to. - "Frank of Freedom Hill", Samuel A. Derieux.
  • Come here, I say, when I call you! - "Pretty Michal", Mór Jókai.

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